Phoenix Science and technology news on November 29th news, the day of the current electricity supplier scouring the Pea Princess held today in Tokyo financing and new business strategy conference. Pea Princess announced at the meeting, has completed a new round of $26 million B round of financing, and reached a depth of cooperation with Taobao global purchase.

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It is reported that

, the princess and the pea in the latest round of financing by the World Innovation Lab (hereinafter referred to as WiL) lead investor, Itochu, intime capital, investment capital with Tao yun. Among them, led the financing of WiL is one of Japan’s largest VC fund, one of Japan’s biggest bank by MIZUHO, Japan’s largest telecommunications operator DOCOMO, Japanese carmakers Nissan, the Japanese consumer electronics giant SONY, Japan Airlines, Japan’s largest department store giant Nippon group Isetan Mitsukoshi more than and 20 Japanese industry giants set up joint investment.

this round of financing, the princess and the pea that will be used to upgrade the APP platform, technology development, operations, enhance the user experience and further expand the supply side resources, domestic market and other new business.

Prior to

, the princess and the pea respectively in February and May this year announced the completion of the capital, by intime it real fund, IDG capital investment of $20 million A round and A+ round of financing.

CEO said the princess and the pea Weng Yong Biao, the princess and the pea was able to get highly favored and accepted in Japan and China investors, because they are on the princess and the pea operation mode, business philosophy and the future development potential of a strong trust and confidence.

according to the data, and other cross-border electronic business platform, the princess and the pea is currently the world’s only direct in by Japanese suppliers of cross-border electronic business platform, since its inception, attaches great importance to the construction of the optimization of supply side resources mining and supply chain.

addition, Pea Princess at the press conference also announced a global cooperation with Taobao to buy cross-border supply and marketing platform to reach depth. The future, the princess and the pea will Taobao Japan to provide global purchase commodity supply side resources, and through the channels and brand management system and system, and provide more choices for Taobao personal businesses with overseas brands to achieve cooperation. It is reported that through this cooperation, the princess and the pea also became the first overseas supplier of Taobao global purchase "no inventory of a generation" mode.

conference, Pea Princess also announced a number of cooperation programs. Recently, the Pea Princess will also be one of the high-end children’s clothing brand MIKI HOUSE, Shiseido’s Shiseido food and a well-known Japanese large clothing brands to cooperate.

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