February 29th, a one-stop venture legal service platform fast legal announced that Lei Jun to get along with the capital of $10 million B round of investment, A round of venture capital policy with the current round of investment.

June 2014 legal website online, with legal services to the entrance, for entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises from the equity partnership agreement, company registration, tax accounting agents, trademark and patent, social security fund, labor and personnel, financing contract documents, legal advisers and other "one-stop" service platform for enterprises, advocating the integration and sharing of lawyers and accountants business, agents and other services to the intermediary mode.


in this highly specialized field, the quality and price of service is the key competitiveness of start-up companies.

founder and CEO Vinci of forensic summer 36 krypton in ensuring that the service specialization, they took measures in three aspects:

integration, recruitment, training of professional staff;

matches the needs and benefits of the service: no one can be professional in all fields. "We will be based on the ability of the service, to give the corresponding label, to facilitate customers to find their most needed service theme. In addition to the platform level assessment, we also collect user feedback, the quality of service subjects, including professional skills, fully presented to new users to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of service labels." Xia Vinci said.

use of technical means to enhance the user experience: we provide the service, the service cycle is relatively long. We give full play to their advantages, through technical means, curing / optimization process, the node control, and at every node through technical means to provide customers with stereo (SMS / WeChat /H5) information push, to ensure customer service service and timely understanding of the progress of the.

and in terms of price competitiveness, through technical means of continuous optimization, reduce the waste of time in the low value of service providers." Xia Wenqi told the 36 krypton, "as an example, the traditional trademark agency, the per capita efficiency process is only about 200 single / person; we can reach 1000 single / person."

from the fast forensic data, there are currently 173 products and services, covering the main industry and commerce, taxation, intellectual property rights, social security, legal personnel in five major areas, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo, Chongqing, Tianjin, 12 City, registered enterprises nearly 100 thousand customers, which has more than 50 thousand paying members.

, however, the current capital hit the winter, A round of death, B round of death, C round of death and so on, start-up companies have eight million dead". Such a market environment, will not affect the rapid growth of such enterprises legal space?


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