46 site traffic graph (http://s.www.cetstudy.cn)


oral learning website traffic map (http://s.www.oralstudy.cn)


my Baidu space flow diagram (http://s.hi.baidu.com/114study121)

on Saturday, that is, 19, the National College English test band 46. On the same day I successfully seized 100 thousand PV traffic, the 46 blog traffic over 300 times. On the same day, the flow is 46, blog level 87600, the study of the blog is and Baidu space traffic is 6600. How I do it, actually not difficult also, here to share with everyone, if you think that’s bad, then Paizhuan, I have been ready.

remember in June when I was planning a bit, I hope there is a big outbreak blog traffic. On that day morning at about 10 when the blog traffic has to more than 8 thousand PV, but at this time it was hung, hosting is blog traffic is too large, the server hang, so I had to suspend the site until after the end of the exam will be open. However, a server even hundreds of people at the same time online can not afford to carry, then what is too OOXX it. Here I do not call, so as not to affect the use of other students mood.

this time I made full preparations, not to put all your egg in one basket, it is sadder but wiser. I divided the flow of three, if the main station is not linked to the majority of traffic will be concentrated on the level of the site, if the master hung up, then the flow to the oral learning blog. Strictly follow the principle of no waste, so that the oral blog share of more than 10 thousand pv. But here must praise about yo2, although there are three or four extension machine, but eventually fell down. Of course, want to thank my partner people don’t gossip waste young to help me answer that, without her help will not be so much traffic.

hope this little experience can be a little inspiration to everyone, although it cannot be used directly, but I believe that you can extrapolate.

the first step, ahead of placeholder

students hope the first time he saw the way and the answer, of course, does not rule out some students hope to a problem of discharge (what can also be seen from the message). That being the case, then we will release two articles in advance, the professional point is to seize the initiative, but colleagues prefer to call it a pit. 18 of the time, I released the December 2009 CET four examination papers and answer.

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