Do a web site links, it is essential to connect to the network on the need for mutual friends, the connection is very important. One is the site of the exchange of links to promote the effect of diminishing the effect of the method, the other is the search engine ranking policy on the site chain into the number of weights may reduce the impact. The final results of the two problems are the same, that is, the effectiveness of Web site promotion strategy in the lower. The article also mentioned that to obtain partners’ awareness and recognition through the exchange links, is a website brand value, then it is not the website link exchange promotion methods in site visits and potential visits (such as search engine ranking advantage) really has been a failure? This paper analyzes several ways to enhance the effectiveness of Web site promotion strategy, some of which have been verified, and others need to be further tested.

(1) change the link form, using different text links to different columns

generally speaking, exchange links is the use of the name of the site (or LOGO) name and partner sites (or LOGO) exchange placed on their websites, and link to the cooperation website homepage. Considering the site exchange diminishing the effect of connection, this link will become more and more small effect with the link to complete the passage of time, so in the link, it is necessary to use a variety of different forms, especially after the release of a period of time on the site of the chain, can be attractive for some columns, even a product / content pages link, which not only increase the way of website users, and increase the search engine to find opportunities.

(2) to increase the active link to improve the effectiveness of the link

exchange link establishment process is long, the efficiency is very low, and because of the partner’s understanding is not enough, can not be expected to establish links to each other after effects. In fact, there are many ways to work for their own web site links, the early common ways, such as in the information release platform and forums to publish web site information, etc., but these methods are not effective enough. In 2004 the most popular blog provides great convenience for the establishment of active links, and because the blog is very easy to be Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines, this paper links to increase the site chain has a certain value, the effect is more direct, more and more readers read the blog post, according to the readers the link to the website to get further information of the opportunity to be much higher than just the website names listed in a site in a corner of the exchange links, so the direct effect of this link is more obvious.

(3) one-way links are also worthy of attention

is the so-called one-way links, links to other sites on their own initiative and does not require the other party to link their own website, looks like this is loss, but in fact also is valuable, especially the linked site name (or column name, title and abstract etc.) contain important keywords, first of all to enrich their own website > key the

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