Abstract: fast free Wi-Fi wireless access has now become the people’s basic needs, the number of media into the WIFI scene brought traffic entrance, the integration of high quality APP construction program of advertising trading platform, through the realization of precision advertising businesses.

shoots NewSeed news, January 21, 2017, WIFI scene marketing platform to get the number of media has announced the completion of ten million financing in early January 2017 by Wifi manneungyulsoi investment, in addition to get the number and get a master key and Wifi media in the Canton of the Great Wall fund strategic investment; More.Than.Capital (cat’s capital) as the financing of financial advisers.

The number of

Shanghai leading culture media Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2016, the integration of the whole scene WI-FI hot and high quality APP application, construction of the super flow entrance scene has clear label, portrait of the user, provide results for clients monitoring, data traceability program scene marketing platform. At present, the number of platforms has now been covered by the country’s 10 million effective Wi-Fi hotspots, 200+ APP applications, 10W merchants and classified under the circumstances of the 30 lines, the average daily flow of more than 1 billion.

LinkMedia is the leading independent research and development of a number of media station media resource management and precision advertising management platform, platform scene orientation, advertising management, people oriented, data analysis, local media resources and other functions, WIFI, APP application of the media resource owners provide media resources management, advertising management platform. Lead the number of media into the WIFI scene traffic entrance, the integration of high-quality APP program advertising platform to build, through the implementation of precise business advertising.

2016 China Mobile advertising scale of more than 103 billion 500 million yuan, accounting for the use of mobile WIFI users accounted for more than 68%, fast free Wi-Fi wireless access now has become the basic needs of people. Chen Ting, founder of the number of media, said: perhaps we do not have to build a Wi-Fi hot spots, but also can become a huge flow platform based on Wi-Fi entrance. When the number of traditional commercial Wi-Fi is realized when looking for a way out for Wi-Fi, I decided to use the media for many years of operating experience, the use of "big data" and "program trading" of the Internet advertising model open a way for the realization of advertising commercial Wi-Fi. This is also the current number of leading media flagship product LinkMedia core strengths.

lead the number of media, the whole scene data marketing concept of the use of large data analysis of the precise spread, to help the budget limited advertisers targeted to select the quality of traffic to focus on. Precision communication greatly enhance the effectiveness of advertising, saving the communication budget. It is reported that the number of media operators to achieve half a year to achieve sales of tens of millions of profits, the current monthly revenue of 5 million.

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