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Song Tao looked out of the window lights in the Near East, point up his last cigarette in the office, May 10 months ago, he was a premonition may have today, but he apparently did not realize that this day would come so soon.

10 months ago, Ctrip and where to go through capital operation together. At that time, Song Tao both domestic and foreign, the views expressed are "which is the capital of the game, mainly in order to avoid the excessive consumption in the price war, this is the online travel industry and bring the leading pressure".

Song Tao was aware of this is the capital of the game, he intends to taboo this core, he can not escape, he is also in the capital of the vortex. In front of the capital, everything seems feeble.

2015 began in mid year, the capital of winter struck. Until today, the pressure all rely on the burn embrace the user entrepreneurs almost unable to breathe, the online travel company gross margin is not high is strongly felt.

how hard it is to live.

in the past July, my night insomnia, I don’t like smoking a cigarette. Someone told me that I would never give a penny, someone quietly left, someone accused me loudly and then left……"

we don’t know what time the Last Song Tao experienced, but now look at the results, the online travel company he founded has been scattered, to accompany him, only one of the cigarette butts and the window of the street.

Song Tao is just a microcosm of many entrepreneurs, since entering in 2016, there have been a number of Online Travel Corporation dead. One of Ali in the aura of the Amoy on the road is obsessed with the burn expansion it eventually did not survive.


since 2016 "die" entrepreneurial company some time ago, financing over ten million "where to play" and "take me" has ceased operations over the weekend; "McDull travel network" also suspected run away, although the platform bursts of three notice to clarify, but eventually the relevant departments involved in the investigation. Earlier, "; the love of travel team dissolution, website shut down, despite the recent return to public view, has become another company.

in addition, according to media reports, travel, home network, refused to pay through foot travel, to find fun, Friday travel, travel, travel on foot dog which a wave of online travel business projects have been declared dead.

is the result of homogenization very difficult for us to survive? Sina Technology after carding found dead, all have their own main business, there are great differences between each other, so the homogenization of death is not valid.

according to Analysys think tank report, 2015 China online travel market reached 473 billion 770 million yuan. Among them, Ctrip + where the market accounted for 63.9>

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