– the United States during the election, a false news against Hilary sparked public anger, although the police and the media to clarify the truth, but is still of no avail. The news even led to a shooting.

– with only 42 fans at the Twitter Eric Tucker released an unverified news, Trump claimed that he found that some protesters are employed "nursery". This message was forwarded more than 16000 times, Trump even forwarded this false news for their promotion.

– social media architecture and design are constantly undermining our ability to judge right and wrong, no one cares about the truth, we only see the amount of fans surge and amazing forwarding rate.

– false news has become a complete business chain, advertisers, producers have profit from false news. In fact, most of the online discussion during the 2016 U.S. presidential election was released by robots.

– technology, social motivation and legal sanctions may help build a network of new order, like we used to do spam. It’s time to fight back.


the forgotten truth

is busy spreading false news, people busy rumor.

the results of the 2016 election in the United States has long been settled, but the election triggered a series of controversy continues to ferment.

a few months ago, Facebook, Twitter and other social media spread a false news, claiming that a company called "comet ping pong" well-known pizza shop Hilary is the site of the incident cases of sexual abuse of children. The news came out, a large number of offensive remarks into the store owner and employee social accounts, it was claimed to personally kill the store owner.

although the shop owner immediately contacted the FBI and the local police, and asked the major social media to delete the relevant articles, but false news continues to spread, and ultimately even led to a shooting case. Now the fake news event is called the American election".


coincidentally, "a report of the detailed description of the New York Times" during another election of false news events.

this is a false news that many of the protesters were on the bus, rushed to Trump in Texas, Austen will meet. Austen, a co-founder of Tucker, a local marketing company, posted a message on the Twitter, saying that many of the protesters took the bus and went to the meeting with Mr. Trump to attend the meeting on the spot after receiving the money, according to Eric.

in fact, he did not verify the authenticity of the contents of his release, his message was forwarded at least 16000 times, in Face>

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