news September 18th, the day before, the Swedish fast fashion brand H& M announced its e-commerce service officially entered the Chinese, at the same time, the state power grid was observed, H& M China official website has been officially open to buy, this is the first M H& on-line online store in asia.

H& M China’s official website has been able to buy

, H&, M general manager of Greater China and Southeast Asia Magnus Olsson said that the launch of online stores in China is an important part of H& M multi-channel marketing strategy. Now, in addition to the Chinese users can shop in more than and 200 lines, but also through the computer, smart phones, tablet PCs or other devices to buy online.

According to the introduction of

, H& M online store will support Alipay, the local bank transfer, China UnionPay card or Visa card with Mastercard or symbol. It is worth mentioning that, H& M online store will also present a series of household goods.

According to the

H& in the billion state power network to understand, China appeared before the M website; only in a few countries, the United States, Britain, France, Italy and other support online purchase, China website only as products for display. In addition, although H& M electricity supplier officially announced the entry into China, but it has not yet settled in Tmall, Jingdong and other integrated platform.

as the world’s second largest apparel retailer, H& M since entering China in 2007, has maintained rapid expansion, currently has about 200 stores in the mainland. It is understood that last year, H& M 50 new stores in China, an increase of about 35%.

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