from the authoritative network consulting firm iResearch network of the latest data show that: in the first quarter, China’s online payment transactions first break billion, reaching 118 billion yuan, an increase of 146.9%.

in the current economic situation, 146.9% this figure is clearly the envy of traditional businesses. The characteristics of the network, such as fast, convenient, and so on, announce that the new consumption pattern has already begun to prevail. The traditional businesses, especially the department stores, are subject to the challenge and impact of the network.

Lee is a brand of children’s wear in Yangzhou general agent. This brand of clothing is expensive, a bib to sell nearly 200 yuan. Early last year, he set up a large department store in Yangzhou, a counter, did not expect, a year down nearly 200 thousand. Everyone said that children’s clothing profits, but the fact is that the business is not good to do. 50 yuan into the clothes, generally priced at $150 up and down, but usually play at least 20 percent off sales. Whenever the festival to engage in activities, but also to make a discount, plus staff salaries, shopping commissions, and catch up with the international financial crisis, business is not good, they lost." Mr. Li said, "money is the brand-name children in low price floats, they, not to participate in shopping activities, to sell a thing is a day, rather than us."

indeed, the business model is relatively fixed department stores, the impact of the cost of their potential order for the price system, resulting in the traditional department store has no advantage over the new retail model. And the price, it is precisely the most competitive advantage of many shop one of the weapon.

a recent shopping experience, let Miss Wang quite depressed: a chiffon skirt, Nanjing Xinjiekou a shop price is 300 yuan, the turnover of 260 yuan. A few days later, Miss Wang accidentally found in a Taobao shop, exactly the same dress only sell 110 yuan. Beijing’s "baby clothes" is a quite famous Taobao five crown shop. The shopkeeper Qian JJ said, she is from the foreign trade companies into the goods, the price is generally three to sixty percent off on the market, "take the pink Louhua wedges, is South Korea to South Korea Chinese manufacturing commissioned to sell shoes, there is no difference in quality, but the price is lower than South Korea market than half of all."

in addition to the price, the marketing model of the new shop is also out of the traditional business place. Hangzhou a grade five crown shop sells clothes, which are all the clothes and shoes, the owner and design, to find their own factories, although the price is not cheap, generally to four hundred or five hundred yuan, but its unique design style has attracted a lot of repeat. New products faster and more, it is the reason why the shop can attract repeat customers. Take the baby clothes, these crown level shop, at least once a week, every time, every time dozens of new models, and some online shop every day on the new". No wonder in the shop in the space, often can see a similar message: "don’t go shopping mall, a few months and hard, and not all year round here", "every day we must first go to the Internet to see,"

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