the day before the group also buy bamboo carbon fiber warm nine minutes pants, on the second day of the site inexplicably closed. Last month a group purchase net lured thousands of users after the Nanjing local iPhone4 group purchase run away, "heavyweight" group purchase website — enjoy group net also slip away. Compared to a product group purchase network after the collapse of the victims criticized; disappears quietly enjoy the mission. Until the reporters came to the door, the victim only know that this " Tongqi Hu under large and comprehensive group purchase website" is just a copycat……

just opened a month, enjoy group net ran

September 29th, Nanjing enjoy group net Xicihutong banner banner, to enter the Nanjing market, become a member of group purchase in the army. I am the head of the 800 buy Daquan and other navigation sites, the first time on top of the home page. Subsequently, Xicihutong, "hide new goods" and "concentration camp Baijia MM" shopping plate, a plurality of Ma3 jia3 to recommend this seemingly vision successfully broke into the "group purchase control" the website group purchase firm backing up within short time.

opened the first day, enjoy the group suddenly thrown out of the three day mission — big crabs, barbecue, donut. One day, attracted nearly 700 users to participate. In order to further expand the influence, enjoy the National Day holiday mission network also launched a series of activities — registered members, participate in group purchase, a friend sent registered gift vouchers ranging from 10-30 yuan.

because the threshold is low, many users in the National Day period accumulated hundreds of dollars coupons. However, after the national day, enjoy the group suddenly "suck", a lot of time once every few days but because of the publicity platform group purchase, advantages, many users still pay special attention to its dynamic. "From the first group to open by the end of October, a total of 18 League organizations enjoy group purchase, each attended in more than 100. The number of the group QQ group also remain at around sixty." Ms. Wan told reporters at the mall.

entered in November, enjoy a sudden recovery group, 3 consecutive days of mission. One DIY cake Group is attracted 400 members to participate in. However, in November 5th, the group has the habit of opening to enjoy the group found — the page has been unable to open, no one answered the phone call the customer service consulting, QQ customer service staff also disappeared. At first thought it was a general technical failure, only to find in the evening, to enjoy the QQ group network has been dissolved……" explained that, and we never mind it

"I don’t have any pants on the top." "Before we can use coupons?" for the bizarre collapse enjoy group, users are confused. According to enjoy group announced office address, a work in high-tech development zones especially to users "and" — but the scene has long been deserted.

1 pm yesterday, more than 10 users cheated touched the head in Jiangdong road. "We organized the activities of the real CS, one-time buy 20 tickets,"

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