Changsha Municipal Committee, vice mayor Zhang Yingchun at the signing ceremony on behalf of the municipal government investment project matchmaking ceremony.

Chinese top 500 private enterprises Tahan Group Holdings Limited chairman Fu Shenglong on behalf of local enterprises to speak at the signing ceremony.

, director of the Hunan

commodity exchange (, Mr. Luo Yongfeng and the person in charge of the open area of Wangcheng signed at the signing ceremony, the project was officially settled in beijing. .

Fenglin Hotel Changsha in the morning of May 28th, a Changsha private investment project matchmaking signing ceremony, Wangcheng economic and Technological Development Zone and Hunan Hunan Commodity Trading Center Co. Ltd. signed a commodity trading platform for Hunan settled project concern.


services Hunan merchants, to build China’s most valuable commodity spot trading and investment platform

Hunan Hunan commodity exchange is dominated by the Hunan economic and technical cooperation office, Hunan chamber of Commerce Federation launched a Hunan Hunan business capital management company and Dahan group jointly build Hunan, Hunan aims to serve the circulation of goods, based in Hunan, covering the whole country, the global radiation of a commodity trading platform, will service and integration of Hunan chamber of Commerce has covered 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, America, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and Hunan chamber of Commerce organizations throughout the country more than and 150 large and medium-sized city more than 60 thousand member enterprises. The establishment of Hunan merchants will promote the circulation of Hunan resources and specialty products, and become the largest and most homogeneous commodity exchange in Hunan.


2015, the gathering of 100 member units, turnover of over 50 billion yuan

It is reported that

, commodity trading platform for Hunan to build two major functions include: one is to provide services for the real economy, enterprises and commodity platform, in order to reduce the cost of raw materials purchase and sale; two is a commodity traded goods and services, to provide goods into public investment channels. Thus for commodity production, trade, consumption and investment in 4 sectors to provide open, public letter of the market trading platform. The platform is an innovative platform for the financial services of the real economy, with commodity listing, financing and financing of goods as the main feature, providing commodity financing and investment channels.

it is understood that the project is located on the bridge of Wangcheng economic and Technological Development Zone – Hunan international business headquarters, is expected to 2015, commodity trading platform for Hunan gathered 100 member units, e-commerce annual turnover of over 50 billion yuan.


to enhance the competitiveness of the Internet industry in Hunan and China, play an important role in promoting

before the signing ceremony, the Wangcheng economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee of the person in charge of Hunan

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