is planning for the entire enterprise operation service, enterprise is the implementation of the entire investment plan; you need to put the money out of business investment, to make good steel in the blade, and always maintain the "double surplus" concept, there is no free lunch is not free investment;


planner is a counselor, he needs to understand the overall situation, analysis of product and market economy, so as to come up with "golden ideas by surprise". Now the private hospital competition, almost all means of competition on the use, site planning of this post is also built in many private hospitals, as a web designer, especially in the medical industry of our ultimate goal of planning is to "let every IP into consultation"; to achieve this goal we need to master the use of many techniques

first, the overall design of the site is beautiful

At this point

is mainly considering the user experience; a sophisticated design site soon attracted many visitors at the same time they also pro Lai; this site collection and recommend to friends or network.

second, web site layout and site layout

site layout should take into account the search engine grab preferences on the left and right under the rules of the site to focus on the placement of key columns. The general structure of the site to home page – column list page, content page three layer structure, there may be a large portal home page — – channel list page, content page four layer structure; try to make the website level clear, reflected on the deep content page need for spiders to crawl.

third, website packaging

hospital website is the need for packaging, wine is also afraid of deep alley, the website packaging sounds very general, we need to make each channel differentiation out design such as hospitals, hospital experts, title title packaging packaging, packaging, team therapy of advanced detection equipment, packaging and other packaging activities.

fourth, the site needs to focus on interactive effects

a website to gather popularity, such as forums, message boards, online consultation etc.; site planning operation process must consider this, if a site of interaction do poorly then the site of the life cycle is short.

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