mobile payment is like a wolf on the mountain, shouting so many times, this is really coming. Once upon a time, for the vast majority of people’s daily lives, notes are worthy of the most intimate friends. However, according to the current trend, the cash will soon be replaced by electronic payment. Yesterday, Alipay domestic business group president, Alipay wallet for Fan Zhiming to chat with the media in the exchange, said, Alipay wallet users has nearly 100 million. As for the launch of the Alipay mobile Internet mobile phone client, Alipay wallet with mobile phone payments, mobile phone banking and other functions. Obviously, Alipay wallet has become independent brand support, the future is expected to become a tool of Alibaba and Alipay Nuggets mobile payment.

2014 is the ten anniversary of the establishment of alipay. From December 2004 since the establishment of Alipay, Alipay all the way go smooth, from the first a function as company in order to solve the network transaction security set up, to all kinds of payment, to guarantee transaction, fast payment, spoiled payment, two-dimensional code payment, the balance of treasure, making the card payment, payment in person…… Almost every year, Paypal will launch new features or new products, although it also experienced the suspension of P2P transfer funds to stop the line POS business cooperation, twists and turns, but in the field of online third party payment, Alipay always hold the "boss" position, especially Yu Ebao turned out, let Alipay in 2013 a fire.

October 16th, Alipay traditional media open day, Fan Zhiming gives the data, as of that day, Yu Ebao account more than 16 million users, more than 130 billion cumulative purchase monetary fund, the balance of treasure has become the largest China raised funds and money funds. In the ensuing double 11 big promotion, Alipay once again shine, the double 11, Alipay wireless payment completed a total of 45 million 180 thousand pen, 5 times last year, wireless payment turnover amounted to 11 billion 300 million yuan, is nearly 10 times last year, a day of wireless payment is equivalent to a medium-sized business year turnover". The same day the wireless payment in the payment of the user’s penetration rate reached 24.03%, equivalent to the sum of every 10 pens in the payment is completed by phone. Concurrent payment peak bursts also proved Alipay powerful at the same time that mobile providers are coming. The Alipay, Fan Zhiming gives a "85", but also increased the Ali Alipay wallet as an independent brand launch determination.

fat is also the first time for the new version of the Alipay wallet for the experience. Found that Alipay wallet in function has been with the PC side of Alipay has a very big difference, including pay, scan code, emotion transfer, take card function has been completely with the Alipay PC era is not the same, compared to other payment products, Alipay wallet is a new product,. According to the official Alipay Wallet: location of personal wealth management in the future, everyone on hand is to replace the physical wallet.

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