good evening, everyone. I’m’s family ( Today I am very glad to be here with you to communicate with Taobao guest website promotion experience, now every day to learn from the experience of sites such as A5, constantly learning promotion methods senior expert, before the interviews, I believe many of my friends with mixed Lianshou. There have been some friends thought I was Ali’s staff, in fact, I’m just a normal Taobao, now a small company to work in Guangzhou, the use of spare time to when Taobao customer. Because most of the time and energy are put to work in the company, Taobao into the guest is relatively less so, Taobao passenger revenue is not very high, a month is five thousand yuan, there is still a certain gap with some expert, now all of my is a little bit more, now I will talk about my Taobao guest website construction and promotion experience.

(Taobao home was K)

Taobao home is 08 years in October with a poor site navigation station building, the station for about a month, then use the Dreamhost host site was closed, suspended in December to buy a Godaddy Deluxe Plan Linux to host online, when Taobao home has been Baidu pull the wool.

(Taobao home re included)

in order to let Taobao home back to Baidu’s arms again, I desperately in A5 webmaster forums and major source station share Taobao home that simple Taobao off site source, then the network basically no free Taobao off site source download, so many novice friends Taobao customers are using this set of source code, and this chain Taobao home once more, almost January years Baidu collected again. This is a kind of virtue, to share the program to others, or there will be a large number of people to keep your link, so we do not have to worry about sharing.


(Taobao home exposure history)

flow slowly and intermittently with the income in March last year, in the Alibaba held by college students tomorrow network challenge, the first week of Taobao customers to promote performance took a first in the country, traffic continues to increase, at the same time in order to match the achievements, the mom in a put some advertising, Taobao is fast passenger revenue rose, May when Ali also guest lecture, Taobao home again to get exposure, flow rate increased again, but there is no income increase, because a lot of Taobao into the home is Taobao guest, not customers.

(Qin Ren core idea: Standing Group!!)

in order to optimize the target customers of the keyword, I enabled a lot of two domain names, each of the two level domain name is a simple page optimization, some long tail keywords, such as: "the best men’s clothing store, Womens crown shop, then.

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