positioning, promotion, channels, to find the way to show activities, to achieve what kind of effect, before holding a valid activity in success, you must need to have the objective elements, activities, and how to achieve a comprehensive grasp.

activities and how to organize activities

to let the user feel interesting, to participate, to them, but the external manifestation of all activities of the users to appeal, not the purpose of the activity, the real purpose of most of the "marketing": the implementation of product promotion, brand building, opened up a friendly bridge between……

a campaign to take into account may have many, but only to identify the main purpose of this activity in many of the requirements, and to keep the operation activities clear thinking, in order to achieve an interference dregs, the success of activities.

in order to attract users, accurate or just a general user promotion, must adhere to the principles: activities to bring the user must coincide with the target audience, the higher the degree of coincidence effect is better.

How does

have a more efficient activity outcome?

acquisition cost. Do the activities user location is not always in the target audience and potential users tangled? You need to determine the cost of access to the user in a comparative cost to obtain the core of user cost, accurate and ordinary users, which is easier to get in between a comparison, the last one of the most important question is: do you want to obtain the core users or potential users, if the product is still in its initial stage, there was no core user editor advise, first not to potential users who put too much energy on it, take the money, take activities to the precise user channel is hit.


for field use WeChat big screen to attract fans examples, if you casually in a plaza hanging WeChat on the wall, throw a shake to get red, won the prize, there may be a lot of people stop, but really attracted to the quality of the user and how high can


it is better to put the energy and time cost, the cost of money saved, do a drainage, electricity supplier operations directly using coupons, envelopes and other products in the organization of the conference in the organization of coupons to shake envelopes with the electricity supplier summit of WeChat large screen in the opening ceremony, participants activities to attract new users……

how to insert "marketing purpose" in the course of activities?

we still take the WeChat big screen, WeChat on the wall of the site activities, for example, if you want to maximize the attraction of users, but also to participate in the activities of users are precipitation, how do you do?

lure in order to stay, Qiao Qiao, Hi site (WeChat big screen production tool) recently launched a new feature in the line of a red envelope, clever use of red envelopes will be able to achieve the above mentioned effects.


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