rapid development of the domestic electricity supplier industry, high-quality talent has become a key factor in the growth of enterprises. In this case, how to retain talent has become a major business. Reporter recently found that in addition to high wages, bonuses, paid vacation, offbeat welfare enterprises has also become one of the way to retain talent, but at the same time, there are some characteristics of the business enterprise benefits not so good.

provides large interest free loans

from Japan’s "real estate company money to encourage employees to drink" and "non-smoking employees bonus" to the US internet company’s "family Party", offbeat popular welfare. Today, this has also been reflected in the domestic electricity supplier industry. At present, there are many electricity supplier companies began to implement the characteristics of the employee benefits program.

reporter learned that Tencent, Alibaba, Renren and other enterprises to provide interest free loans for the purchase of employees, in order to alleviate the problem of high housing prices in the first tier cities.

everyone’s vice president of administration and human resources Tang Zhihui said the company’s fourth batch of employee interest free loans have been issued prior to the date of completion. Since the end of the year the company launched the "interest free loan program", the staff began to submit applications, so far, the company’s audit pass rate of more than 80%.

this allows more employees to feel the interest free loan policy effectiveness, so that those who are hesitant to buy a house is also actively apply for employees, it can be said to stimulate consumption." The official also revealed that the company’s current loan application cycle is 2-3 weeks, which for those who need to pay down payment of employees, as long as the plan in advance, you can solve some problems with the money.

it is understood that the first tier cities of high prices, so that the staff can pay to pay the initial payment of very few ordinary employees can come up with a few hundred thousand dollars. Everyone of the company’s interest free loan program involves a wide, low threshold, where the conditions can meet the requirements of employees, so that employees get credit, can afford".

previously, Tencent Inc invested 1 billion yuan of housing plan and Alibaba to build a $3 billion iHome plan to take the same is to provide employees with interest free loans model. Leave one mode of this advance funds, has become a major choice for many affluent capital chain company.

offers free shuttle premium lounge

more enterprise is not so generous, but from the details, pay attention to humane care.

work in a department of Sohu, Ms. Zhang told reporters, Zhongguancun, Wudaokou is surrounded by electricity supplier companies gathered, many companies have free shuttle bus to solve the problem of staff work hard. Lounge is not only one of the employees more emphasis on soft welfare, but also a hot topic when the company employees chat.

"whose coffee is good, who is the best"

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