Hunger marketing method

millet let a lot of people is popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, his price and performance not only talking about it, also need to care whether or not be able to grab the purchase qualifications. Recently, we have seen the news that, at 12 on December 21st, the phone will be sold in Sina micro-blog special sales, 19 – 20 days can be booked. To 16 yesterday, the number of forwarding has more than 500 thousand. Users with sina micro-blog account can be completed buying behavior, it can be said that this is a bold attempt Sina micro-blog, micro-blog is also a shining online shopping behavior.

Sina micro-blog and millet cooperation wading business

but all online shopping behavior, we can be classified into the category of e-commerce, the Sina micro-blog and millet cooperation, can be regarded as a important step Sina micro-blog commercial. It is reported that many Internet business commentators are optimistic about this behavior, it can be said that it will become an important attempt to change the form of the existing electricity supplier.

micro-blog payment platform will become the basis of micro-blog online shopping

we know that at present Sina micro-blog has a micro-blog wallet this service, through which it has been able to transfer, pay the cost of water and electricity, mobile phone recharge and other functions. Therefore, Sina micro-blog has let micro-blog payment is technically possible, and actually it into their online banking system or Alipay platform.


to the commercial Sina micro-blog has two advantages: 1, have their own financial platform, also have free loan function for users of accumulated funds can be used for investment. Of course, the premise of doing so is to have enough large capital reserves; 2, to solve the payment problem, so that micro-blog is more likely to take advantage of the field of online shopping, easier to build their own online shopping mall.

micro-blog online shopping behavior or electricity supplier will change the form of

in the traditional understanding of the idea, users believe that online shopping is going to go shopping, such as Taobao, Jingdong and other large shopping malls. The micro-blog online shopping platform may change the user’s conscious behavior. Imagine in the future, users in the use of micro-blog pursuit of entertainment at the same time, can choose according to micro-blog recommended or pop-up personal interest products, the randomness of consumer desire with the micro-blog platform itself payment function to make online shopping has become so simple. Although people will not fundamentally change the concept of shopping, but this behavior may play an important role in the future network of electricity providers in the future.

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