who run every guest, started in 2012 to a halt.

in August 31st, where the customer’s wholly owned courier company Beijing wind up Express Co. (hereinafter referred to as "wind up") employees claimed that wind up 26 city express network originally covered will be abolished to 6, and will lay off 2000 people, up to 50% the proportion of layoffs.

in the past few years, selling shirts sell shoes, appliances, selling books, to enter the logistics, sell millet mobile phone, CEO (micro-blog) in the old "trial and error" spirit, like a road hurricane. Where the high inventory, and challenged the loss increase of voice also lurking.

the whole company in the reflection, but also adjust." In September 4th, where the internal management person told reporters bluntly, last year where the overall expansion too fast, since the end of last year began to enter the state of adjustment, and the wind of layoffs is just a part of the overall adjustment in the.

"burn" logistics

2008, less than 50 people; in 2010, 1260 people; in 2011, more than 5000 people, more than the data, the wind is the official website of the rapid expansion of the situation in recent years.

vintage in the excellent old men, wind up to the general manager of Li Hongyi, tells the story of the wind up creating process. In 2008, director Li Hongyi guest logistics, because of his excessive trust, leading to every guest Shanghai warehouse embezzlement, huge losses, old Li Hongyi huff demoted to express business. Express business was only a small department where the logistics, only a few people, Li Hongyi took 100 thousand start-up capital, with wind up starting. According to wind up the original plan, 2011 covering 28 cities nationwide, more than 300 construction sites, the number of employees reached 8000".

in fact, where the customer self built logistics have plotting. In less than half a year, when the cash flow is not smooth, the third party logistics team had built every guest. It is by virtue of self logistics, we come up with a 24 hour delivery, within 30 days of postage returned free of charge, try on the spot and other services.

where the customer believes that online shopping customers can not touch the clothes to wear, logistics and customer recent distance contact part of the online shopping process. Self logistics has won a lot of good reputation for customer shopping experience, and let every customer in exchange for more than 50% times the purchase rate of two.

where the official website shows that as of 2011, wind up delivery outlets opened the city reached 26, the site reached more than and 400, self built logistics part accounts for 60% to 70% of total amount distribution. At the same time, we will create a distribution ring 24 hours in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other guest logistics center as the core, within 300 km open 24 hours delivery service.

and China Express Logistics Advisory Network Principal Consultant Xu Yong believes that we burn a lot of self storage and distribution behind >

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