during the Dragon Boat Festival, Shenzhen Mr. Liu to buy a color TV, a friend told him a cable TV SKYWORTH TV direct sales, according to the guidelines found "Shenzhen Ming shop" orders, day on SKYWORTH’s staff home delivery faster than store delivery, the price is slightly lower. Payment card after inspection, Mr. Liu feel very cool.

recently launched by the Shenzhen Ming Dian 100 Network Technology Co. Ltd. of Shenzhen "Ming shop network" officially launched operation. Shenzhen Ming Dian 100 network science and technology limited company by SKYWORTH Digital Technology Co. Ltd. wholly-owned investment. Previously, SKYWORTH has been put into the cool open network and SKYWORTH club, the big hand to build a B-C shopping platform, intended to integrate their own advantages, to seize the advantages of network direct marketing channels.

to establish China’s largest commodity direct selling system

"Shenzhen Ming shop network" as a complete B-C shopping site, sales of goods including men and women skin care products, fashion jewelry, bags, 3C digital products, home appliances, outdoor supplies and fashion Home Furnishing cleaning supplies more than 1000 kinds, covering for white-collar workers in all aspects of life.

in the operation mode, the "Shenzhen Ming store network will rely on the leading position in the field of domestic SKYWORTH digital set-top box, Internet financial and broadcasting network sales, forming a unique compound sales model. It is understood that the Ming shop in the SKYWORTH group 100 companies in various industries and the more than and 120 suppliers under the strong support, will fully enter the main platform for digital TV operators in this year, the initial formation of "direct selling system prototype. This is a relatively independent and mutually unified composite sales channels, which include the fine varieties of goods, promotion of powerful, will make the "Shenzhen Ming shop" in Shenzhen has become the largest scale, the most innovative and most influential commodity channel.

implementation of the real person service

as the country’s largest white-collar Chinese online shopping mall, Shenzhen Ming shop network continues to increase innovation. In the overall layout of the page after dressing, Shenzhen Ming shop network synchronization proposed full fidelity and double difference back to the "commitment and ultimate security commitment. Recently, Shenzhen Ming shop network and put forward a real man service, becoming the first real life service shopping site.

"real man" service on all sites responsible for the basis of clear division of labor, clear responsibilities on the plate goods Service Director names and real photos and other information on the Internet, put forward to consumer demand, consumer shopping problems and suggest problems such as complaints, the first time to answer. "Real" that is responsible for the site for the group of senior people in the sector, with the real experience of professional services, the implementation of one to one consumer guidance.

this service out of the network shopping buyers real name system thinking, directly to the goods and services are pushed to the front of the stage, to provide more intimate services for consumers. "Real person" service launch, will be the product of the service provider and the website products placed in the sun, to eliminate the Internet shopping in the buyer and the buyer’s sense of strangeness and distrust, close the seller >

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