buy site suffered multiple credit authentication confusion

since March this year, the rapid expansion of the domestic market to buy the site, has thousands of. The group purchase website technology and capital threshold is too low, resulting in the industry of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Recently, a group called the Ministry of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center on the domestic buy site for the first batch of credit certification, causing widespread concern in the industry. However, the agency fees charged by the high cost of authentication caused part of the site questioned. Reporters after the survey also found that the current group buying site is experiencing multiple credit authentication confusion.


about 20 buy site certified

media recently reported that the Ministry of Commerce Chinese International Electronic Commerce Center for the first time on the site of the group purchase credit certification and rating work has ended, the more than and 300 group purchase website submitted, received the first batch of credit certification qualification is only about 20.

yesterday, the reporter from the Ministry of Commerce China International Electronic Commerce Center hosted the "Chinese business credit platform" website was informed that the plan China International Electronic Commerce Center of the Ministry of Commerce held electronic commerce credit certification rules Conference on October 29th, to the first through the credit certification of the buy site site certification. Reporters from the "Chinese business credit platform" published in October 18th "on the credit certification of shopping website notice" was informed that the credit certification is not limited to the group purchase website, including "retail shopping site", the first batch of certification registration work has been completed in October 22nd. It is understood that the credit rating is divided into 5 grades, from high to low in turn are excellent, good, qualified, bad, loss. Credit rating is determined according to the credit score of the object, and the credit score is composed of the scale of the object, the service ability, the credit record and so on.

yesterday, the reporter learned that the multi verification, the first certified group purchase website includes 58 group, Sohu family group, public comment group, QQ group, F group, handle network, full network, 24 coupons, Fantong rice and vegetable roll nearly 20, the website received credit ratings are good". The Ministry of Commerce China international electronic commerce center responsible person Ms. Wang told reporters yesterday, a large part of the group purchase website did not get the first certification is limited by time, i.e. they submitted time missed audit certification period.


registered capital of 500 thousand

it is understood that the application for the credit certification registration conditions include: obtaining telecommunications and information services business license (ICP license); Web business enterprises registered capital of not less than 500 thousand yuan; the website PV (hits) not less than 10 thousand; nearly 3 years without administrative penalties and bad credit records.

for the above conditions, some buy site that the funding threshold is too high. "Our site is only 3 people, start empty-handed unattainably registered capital of 500 thousand, the threshold", a small Zhejiang.

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