along with the prosperity of the network, the shop has become a lot of money to make people choose one of the ways to make money. But the shop is not so easy to make money, there are always some people can not make money. The main reason is that many people do not know what should pay attention to the local people.

shop to make money, probably need to pay attention to the following:

1: shop not frequently updated

a lot of people shop, open a few weeks for a change, or crazy to increase the different goods. This is a very significant impact on the user experience, if you want to update, it is necessary to normal speed, such as a day, or 10 a week. Also don’t sell clothes today, tomorrow to sell jewelry, to a center, don’t chop and change, so that your customers will also be lost.

two: sell items you are good at

many people are what to make money to sell what, in fact, this is very stupid. Because the sale of the project, there must be a lot of people. And the point is, you don’t have any advantage. Do what you’re good at, or you have a capital project. For example, where you are located in the wholesale clothing, then you can sell clothing. And if you sell jewelry, it’s a big mistake.

three: shop decoration to meet the user experience

many people when doing the shop decoration, only pay attention to appearance, but they are not selling goods on the home page, then ask you what is the use of the decoration decoration shop? We must pay attention to the user experience with commodity based, supplemented by appearance.

four: often learn predecessors

we are doing goods, we must pay attention to, often learn peer, better than their own shop. Don’t take a detour, to see how he is decorated, he is how to sell things. With his best friend, to learn from him. Because, after all, is to make money, others have a better way, why not learn?

above is a personal opinion, I also remember the Olympic Station, to see it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

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