Wang Liyang

each Jingdong executives leave will become a news event, this is no exception, especially the Cheng Junyi departure time choice in Jingdong on the eve of the 618, is more attracted media attention and anecdotal gossip. Cheng is responsible for 5 months before leaving the Jingdong POP business, POP business is one of the most important projects of Jingdong, which makes it leave much attention, media attention is not the person but behind him. The work of this matter, the two sides on the right fit, inappropriate on the points, it is normal, as some gossip well, in fact, the electricity supplier itself will soon become entertainment, as well as the voice that this is Jingdong hype, but also very entertaining.

: internal process Junyi turnover is hype or helpless

Huanshuai prewar

hype to see more, they think what is speculation, the wisdom of the people can understand, take the process of Junyi turnover event hype is not only pointless, but will The loss outweighs the gain. Speculation that good news event marketing, the event itself to have spread, in addition to being able to target the audience (including ordinary people, POP merchants, capital markets) to convey accurate information. It has spread the turnover, but only the power out of the District, the District of electrical general public who knows who Cheng Junyi is, but there is so much electricity grass root do not know who he is, the 618 Jingdong did not constitute a promotional effect; for Jingdong POP investment will not be promoted, the most is more exposure, not because of who is in charge of the business and then consider whether to Jingdong POP, unless the business and process.; in addition, executives frequently leave more doubt on the Jingdong that the capital market, turnover is not Jingdong identity development, or internal disunity? But unified view foreign official is generally "for personal reasons".

POP is one of the most important business for the Jingdong, is the future market competition a cornerstone, can all depends on a par with ALI, POP business performance. Logically speaking, such an important business should have a stable charge (blue ye CMO, Cheng Junyi is the director), with the idea of a unified development, according to the plan, the process only takes over POP business for 5 months time to leave, this is since last year, Zhang Shouchuan was transferred to the group purchase business, second substitutions, the over time people will be in the Jingdong heady Kui Ying chun. A department is so important in less than a year, twice the change, it will inevitably make people guess whether the Jingdong internal POP business problems.

think, the departure time is very interesting, since the turnover of Jingdong 618 cannot bring promotion effect, but is a negative news, why not wait until the process of 618 after the departure, but the choice of 618 at this time node? What causes a process in such a critical time to resign there? That is one of the 230 million lessons, this story can be a entertainment gossip to listen to the credibility to be verified. First, Liu Qiangdong bold and crafty is not silly and crude, the 230 million must have the authorization of Liu Qiangdong, is the process of marketing.

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