in the development of mobile e-commerce, the domestic large-scale mobile e-commerce mall. 300 million investment in the mall asked by virtue of its fruit in the field of mobile Internet in technology and resources, launched the first large-scale mobile e-commerce system, B2B, B2C, C2C and O2O platform as a whole, have to seize the important opportunities in the mobile Internet development.

asked the fruit mall as national mobile business enterprise only (Tencent, Alibaba, Jingdong are foreign holdings), based on 15 years of precipitation technology, the core has 108 patents at home and abroad, the product also has the world’s 1 billion 500 million mobile phone embedded installation, and for the 1 billion 500 million mobile phone users set up a "user activation team" to convert these users well to ask entrepreneurs or consumers fruit store.

reporter learned that asked fruit mall is relying on the fruit of the desktop mobile Internet portal, is a collection of fashion and technology as one of the integrated mobile shopping palm mall. Asked fruit mall pioneered mobile Internet new economic industry model, integrated B2B, C2C, B2C, O2O multiple business models.

enterprise: network sales preferred

asked the fruit shop on the business of the six benefits. First, the moment has the national sales channels to help manufacturers sell goods to the country. Second, the moment has about 1000000 free sales staff to help manufacturers sell goods to the country. Third, the moment has about 1000000 branches of the cost of operating 0, to help manufacturers sell goods to the country. Fourth, the moment has about 1000000 agents for the development of 0 agents to help manufacturers sell goods to the country. Fifth, an instant solution to the backlog of goods manufacturers, inventory of large issues. Sixth, instantly increase the brand awareness.

Entrepreneurs: free platform

asked fruit shop for millions of entrepreneurs to provide 0 purchase, inventory of 0, the risk of 0, the 0 logistics and the cost of the entrepreneurial platform 0. Entrepreneurs mall no cost, no inventory, do not look for goods, directly on the platform selection. It takes only 5 seconds to register, with the characteristics of inexpensive online shopping mall, mobile mall, without considering the delivery, do not worry about after-sales service. Promotion model of convenience, share a key to the WeChat QQ/ / email / SMS, as well as the promotion of open platform; entrepreneurial mode: a variety of benefits distribution commissions, mall subsidies, keyword Promotion Commission, manufacturers settled Commission; entrepreneurs have a variety of mall together: APP, PC, two dimensional code mall all entrepreneurs; customer loyalty strong: to friends, colleagues, relatives and consumer groups, you get a commission, friends have high quality and inexpensive goods, multi yield.

users: a question or answer

asked fruit technology for the needs of the user to develop the fruit of the desktop, the realization of the desktop direct, a Q & a experience. Fast reading news, shopping, booking, in addition to making friends and so on can make money; memory user voice tone do not have to worry about whether the standard Mandarin which cannot distinguish between memory instructions, user behavior patterns to the.

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