double this year just past three days, a very strange is that the electricity supplier online is the "double promotion war" with vigour and vitality, from the three day, there is no overwhelming assault without annoying leaflets; subscription messages without trouble; all kinds of sensational news; no complaints the news reports, the electricity supplier choice over double low-key, even Taobao and Tmall in order to prepare early this double promotional activities are very dull, for no not early business is huge unusual, but this unusual silk also see changes in the electricity supplier industry, especially for the price war attitude.

price war after spending ahead of schedule to pay

with vigour and vitality of the "price war" to encourage more consumer spending, but also for the double flat foreshadowed today. When the war of the early consumption is the double consumption funds early payment, resulting in double coming, when consumers online shopping although the heart, but has no heat and impulse, the money bun is very heavy, and the group of consumption and high consumption of the crowd, think carefully, can buy products in the price war "consumers will be small consumers, certainly not, wars are not cheap ah. The business enterprise is now reaping, and hurt the other platform to swallow the fruit, visible "spoilers" is not a good thing. Especially double this year long holiday, holiday travel, most of the funds are spent on tourism, for online shopping less funding plan.

consumer psychology

business enterprise online promotion, especially in the past two years is a major holiday, is consistent, so many consumers through price promotion means, return to usher in a period of consumer psychological reason, some people begin to have great heat and no impulse to be moved by the so-called promotion, not to mention every time the promotion problems is not a small problem, most of the enterprises have the so-called promotion is the price rise in price, the price is the same, the promotion is a chewy, catch a consumer psychology, but now with more competitors enter the consumer to the price, and price system, some browsers also added more than that, some sites also add such system, so consumers’ smart nature again return; and for consumers Now, online promotion, very vexed, because too much will lead to fast immunity, like a virus, once the antibodies produced by the body, then the virus was not used, the electricity supplier means is the same, so the need for better business means, a price will eventually fight off consumers.

electricity supplier low-key to avoid the line


is coming, what’s hot, not online shopping, travel, then to travel friends, how much time will double when online shopping, but also is a lot of double channel line a profit the most important days of the year, all the price even more than online but also low price can be. There is more competition, "

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