at noon on February 19th news, Ali group recently announced the official launch of Tmall international, direct imports of goods for consumers. This is the second Taobao after the global purchase, Ali in the sea Amoy new action in the field.

It is reported that

, the on-line Tmall international will provide new sea Amoy service, merchants settled shops with Wangwang Chinese consulting, provide domestic customer service service. In terms of logistics, Tmall international requires businesses within 72 hours to complete the delivery, within 14 working days to arrive, while ensuring that the logistics information can be tracked throughout.

in July last year, Tmall started business, Hongkong Bonjour network, Eastern Taiwan, Japan strictly selected Kenko, scouring the sea Ashford platform gradually settled watches. Tmall said, settled businesses for the mainland China corporate entity, with overseas retail qualifications, the sale of goods through the customs entry Chinese international logistics.

data show that China’s overseas purchasing market in 2013 the transaction size of more than 70 billion yuan. In 2012, Alipay achieved by domestic consumers sea Amoy consumption scale, an increase of 117%, higher than the domestic online shopping growth rate of 64.7%.

at present, Tmall international has maternal and child supplies, food health, beauty care and clothing shoes bag four main categories, the future will gradually expand more categories. Tmall international online shop over 140, with thousands of brands from the United States, Britain, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, including Dior, LV, PRADA and other luxury brands.

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