from the thousand regiments of the war to the present, now buy products are basically formed, the United States mission, handle, comments, glutinous rice is the first echelon, each of which is also inherent in the field of stability. But any one industry can not meet, even such a simple group purchase products is not think something lying on the laurels laurels, especially in WeChat marketing "run amuck" today, group purchase if not continue to enhance their value, it is likely to be a WeChat street life service get rid of, so the concept of O2O more than once was mentioned. The more times mentioned, the author doubts the greater, the concept of O2O really can help the group purchase market competition from Oliver, realize the further development of


in fact, there is nothing in the concept of the Internet is absolute, even if the O2O has repeatedly been mentioned keywords we are not entirely confident that it will be the savior. But in a sense, the concept of O2O is actually showing the current group buying market development of several core and trends, according to this direction, the market will be at least more rational development.

A: to learn to use traffic, reduce marketing costs, achieve win-win

O2O follow the online drainage, offline communication, prompting more Internet resources flow to the line, thereby reducing the rate of online loss, training brand value, etc.. Such a process is actually more fully use of the hands of the purchase of the product flow. After all, in the past the product group purchase impression, they are more like a business with a label of 58 city, do a simple job of billabong of information, as to which can flow transformation, will form a group purchase transaction, at that time did not care too much. But with the development of the whole industry and the fierce competition, we put the Buddha together to realize and blindly increase the flow, why not fully tap the existing flow? Because it itself is a form of resource saving, do not just group purchase products, even in the businesses will benefit in Why not?


, after all, is advocated by O2O to build communication channels between users and businesses, in the past we are too concerned about the feelings of the user and ignore the merchant’s mind. The reason why the market is not able to buy a more rapid breakthrough in performance, because in the business that does not form a sufficient advantage. The business is a foil role, with cheap things to group purchase leader, brand value didn’t end up shaping. Once the cooperation with the group to stop the product, the performance immediately returned to the previous state, which has been paid in return for the sale of the business who would like to do. O2O mode is again to make the importance of group purchase products more clear understanding of the business in a certain sense, the flow of precious. We need to continue to narrow the gap between businesses and flow distance, let more direct service users, rather than the simple online completion of all transactions, the double eleven are able to why things also need O2O



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