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super online banking system to make online banking more convenient figure according to CFP

log on to any of the bank’s website, you can query the head of the bank card information in other banks…… With the introduction of the second generation of central bank payment system (due to the powerful was hailed as super online banking), the introduction of all this will become a reality. Central Bank Deputy Governor Su Ning said, the second generation payment system will be launched at the end of June 2010, the first operation is Internet banking Internet application system running on the line, other application system and the ACS system to the end of June 2011.

interbank transfer can be real-time arrival

because of the current payment system is difficult to meet the development of innovative payment methods, the first generation of central bank RMB interbank payment system upgrade imminent, especially the rise of online payment, put forward higher requirements on the payment and settlement services.

Chengdu branch of the people’s bank payment and settlement department director Wang Min explained that due to the existing online payment to bank (liquidation organization or between bank and non bank) protocol behavior, therefore, the inter-bank online banking interbank clearing for transmission through multiple systems, and some even manual intervention, efficiency low and high cost.

friends said: "a person with a few online banking bank bank card to do several banks on hand, the use of online banking from a bank to another bank is not timely arrival, this is a big problem." After the establishment of the second generation payment system, online banking users log on to any of the bank’s website, you can query the bank card information in other banks, interbank transfer real-time arrival is also expected to achieve.

in the second generation of the central bank payment system, online payment interbank clearing system is an important part, it will realize the commercial banks, payment services as well as the third party payment platform and other non bank institutions between real-time clearing. At present, the system has entered the stage of development of commercial banks." Informed sources said the central bank.

The new Alipay

payment system can still access

as the first pilot second generation payment system in the third party payment organization, many people exclaimed: "Alipay and three party payment platform is at an end!"

survey shows that China’s third party payment market last year, the size of the transaction close to $600 billion, within two years is expected to exceed trillion. Third party payment platform to take the form of intermediate accounts. In the case of Alipay, the user first funds designated to Alipay account, then Alipay to pay the balance. In the convenience of online transactions, enhance security at the same time, the third party payment platform has also brought precipitation funds,

money laundering, cash, the impact of physical currency and other issues. At present, the number of users of Alipay has exceeded 300 million. 20>

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