technology news November 1st evening news, Alibaba group today announced late, late in November 10th this year launched the "Tmall 2016 double 11 carnival night party will have supervision for more than 20 years, the super bowl and the eighty-eighth Oscar awards," American Idol "and many other super IP TV show directed by Hill, David · at the same time, the 4 hour program broadcast in cross screen interaction.


said at the scene, "live TV in a sea change, Losangeles (where the Hollywood) are having a heated discussion about how to do cross screen interactive live. This year’s double 11 carnival night will be the world’s first attempt to do this, it is also a future oriented programming. Silicon Valley + Hollywood will be the best combination, will bring the best experience."


group chief marketing officer Dong Benhong in talking about this year’s double 11 party that year Tmall double 11 carnival night, many brands are carrying the dream, so I hope to help the internationalization of the director will realize Tmall’s internationalization strategy, the brand from the international stage.

according to reports, this year in addition to live four hours late cat on the TV screen, mobile phone Taobao, Tmall App will also launch the "background" version of carnival night live, composed of star footage, backstage interview, star field etc.. Among them, Tmall App users will also live in the mobile phone version of the screen "," lick exclusive images from the collection of 9 close-up camera, convenient fans can close, through the "screen" no dead fans at the party. At the same time, the Alibaba group’s big entertainment section, including one group (Youku potatoes), Tmall box platform, the linkage will also form a party broadcast matrix, to help out for the 2016 Tmall double 11 Carnival night.

in the star, Li Yuchun, Kobe · Bryant, World Cup Golden Boot winner Thomas · Muller, junior TFboys, Joker, Wowkie Zhang, entertainment, sports stars, will appear in the "double 11 Carnival alliance" a number of international top IP such as Transformers (Transformers) "will appear in this year’s double 11 party. (Zhou Xuedie)

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