news December 28th, according billion state power network, PC terminal Taobao search page appears new traffic entrance: Hui found. Insiders pointed out that benefits found that the flow of the entrance is likely to herald the emergence of new elements of the search Taobao search changes.


Taobao search benefits found

users choose the benefits found after its search results and in the selection of all the baby, Tmall, used, I search these search patterns are not the same, which is also very different display logic. Hui found that the lower the price of goods, and all from Taobao market sellers, which accounted for a large proportion of gold sellers of goods.


benefits found show merchandise

According to

billion state power network to understand, only appeared in the business activities of the related products will be found in the benefits of search results. Currently, the user only to enter the store marketing center, creating drainage treasure activities, its activities have the opportunity to show the benefits of the search results found.

according to business reports, this tool produced drainage treasure sales can be included in the main search volume, but also can be used for drainage outside the station, businesses create drainage treasure activities, can be a key to all the stations and station synchronization channel. The same business can create multiple activities, each event at least 6 goods submitted. Goods must be packaged goods, 30 days more than the number of sales of more than 1, the event price is not higher than the lowest price of 30 days history. The same store can not participate in the activities of the drainage bag and daily specials.


found Hui is a search mode in Taobao search, so will set up a set of search results show the sequential logic and weight system, the system decided to show the position and activity of goods sorting.

according to Taobao can be found in the discovery of this search mode, the user can choose according to the popularity of low to high, sales, credit, price and other dimensions of the search and arrange goods. Hui found that the default search dimension is popularity from high to low, the first page to display goods ranging from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars, but it can be seen that the main search and Taobao compared to the threshold has been reduced.

through the Hui search found the display of goods found on the position of goods have common characteristics: high rate (upgrade); the relative volume is not very high; all goods from the Taobao C store and the store; the DSR score is very high, basically in more than 4.8 Star shop goods accounted for; is very small, most of the goods from the seller of the gold medal.