although the drill has been done for nearly a year, the cost of the budget to more than 1 million yuan, but the distance from the drill master this level is still a certain distance. If we really want to make an exhibition drill master must do the following, the author thinks that the standard can achieve this goal.

first from the definition of drill development expert analysis, if it is in the main push of a single product with the premise of the same premise, the train costs as much as the budget and drilling exhibition, and the exhibition of the rate of return and straight through flat. Responsible for drilling and exhibition of the people to put it into the real sense of the master. For example, a dress shop, train the month to spend 50 thousand yuan, a 3 day return of 1:3, and show the drilling cost 40 thousand yuan, 1:3.5 is 3 days of return, this time evaluation of drilling exhibition returns than the train is not scientific. Because when drilling costs from 40 thousand yuan into a $50 thousand, the rate of return may not be able to remain in the 1:3.5, so it is necessary to compare the same dimension.

why do you do this because of the flow through the train is limited when the development of the store encountered bottlenecks in the flow, you need to drill through the drainage. Such as the category of cosmetic shops, train a day of consumption is about 1000 yuan to 1500 yuan, the rate of return can be controlled at around 1:1.2, if you consume more than 2000 yuan is difficult, the return rate will be reduced to about 1:1. This time we need to show the auxiliary drilling drainage, if drilling show rate of return is less than 1:1, a bit into a chicken ribs suspected, rather than directly to the budget consumption in the train above. Therefore, even if the rate of return can not be drilled and straight through, but at least not much difference. Even if the proportion of the budget can not be flat, but also in the rate of return on the flat, this time to do the drill exhibition has a greater significance.

look at a lot of shop now, do a lot of cars through the master, because the threshold is very low, the shop can meet the two hearts can be opened to promote. However, the need for drilling drilling 3, and the number of single store in more than 10, the need for dynamic score. If you want to open a high-quality booth, you also need to have a good qualification. Different categories also need to provide the corresponding industry qualification, health permit etc.. So, just the threshold of a lot of people stuck in the door. In addition, there are a lot of drilling exhibition material is not allowed, landing pages, pictures, documents are strict requirements, to be a more troublesome thing through the audit. Through a series of tests, can really set a good plan, click on the average price control in the industry average drilling exhibition promotion staff, has already become the potential to become a drill master.

to do the drill exhibition need to have a good mentality. It is because the front is not easy, not easy entry, many people see in the drilling data show when they generate not fit to be seen, complaining behavior. For example, the author before a group saw a novice in the first two exhibition Q drill, coke white what when the material will tilt to the other material? Because he knew that the white material is always lower than the click rate.