news August 30th, Tencent, Tencent new e-commerce platform will enable the independent domain name, is expected in the fourth quarter or early next year enabled, this caused concern in the industry, the Tencent "mysterious" business in the end is what domain name


earlier, the market rumors, the Tencent will again "reuse" a domain name, and plans to the new electricity supplier network will be named as "Tao", rather than "surging", many industry believes that the "Amoy" domain name is very suitable for the electricity supplier industry, the good domain name Shuangpin domain name used in the new electricity supplier industry will be more advantage.


in the face of the industry in the new electricity supplier Tencent website concerns, Tencent responded that: this argument is very interesting, but also to thank the community for the attention of Tencent electricity supplier. The new platform Tencent supplier does in the fourth quarter or early next year enabled our independent domain name, but the name is not yet determined, we need to listen to the partners and the majority of Internet users, but it is certain that the new domain name platform Tencent is closely related with the electricity supplier shopping, we also welcome to give us some suggestions in this respect."

in addition, from the Tencent internal voice said, in the new business platform line that will use or two domain names, and other business running after a period of time, the official opening of the independent domain name.

Wu Xiaoguang, senior executive vice president of Tencent Inc

said in August 19th, the fourth quarter of this year, Tencent will launch a series of e-commerce open platform products. Wu Xiaoguang said that Tencent’s e-commerce platform for open products including one-stop e-commerce platform, Social Shop and wireless business platform. Among them, a one-stop platform for electronic business model for B2B2C, and Social Shop is a friend to enhance the electricity supplier conversion rate through Tencent.