a lot of bloggers through Google Adsense, Taobao alliance can make money, although not much, but this is enough to make use of blog marketing is effective, but also big money way. After many years of marketing experience, new network marketing has become a new topic A new force suddenly rises., merchants had to study. Network and reality have similarities, but there is definitely a big difference, how to use blog marketing?

Many people think that

Google Adsense and Taobao – own their own site for a tool to make money, just a lot of people do not understand the relevant knowledge of the site, so to set foot in advertising alliance. In fact, although the site is not everyone will be built, open the blog, but the Internet users are in line, through the creation of a blog can make it like a site like advertising alliance and do Taobao.

so to learn how to make money through the blog advertising process. First of all, most bloggers support adding ad code, such as sina. Therefore, the site displayed ads, personal blog can be displayed, when the visitors to the blog entry, if the ad sparked his interest, and click on it, then make money advertising costs. The process is so simple, but there are two difficulties need to pay attention to.

first a person, the arrival of two people certainly can not get revenue, in order to make money through the blog advertising alliance advertising costs, the most basic requirement is the flow, that is, popularity. Some celebrity blog popularity high, such as Han Han, the post of the sofa can not grab, but we are not celebrities, only rely on their own brains and labor to promote the. First of all can be reproduced some readable articles to your blog, add the content for your blog, then pay attention to trends in the various forums and news media, if there will be some potential trigger hot paste, immediately reproduced to their blog with fresh eye-catching news to attract the reader’s interest, natural flow slowly increase.

second points, the blog is different from the site, blog advertising has a great contrast with the blog, a lot of users of this type of advertising is the view of psoriasis. How to make readers not to hate these ads and click is a problem to be solved. For example, the blog is based on female cosmetics, so do Taobao alliance is, as far as possible to promote some cosmetics, and with the blog in the article, the reader’s desire to buy is brought up, click on the ads into the sales channels to significantly increase the chance of. Blog impossible as large data like blog site, so is less, once the article really readable, will lead readers, not only likely to click on ads, there may be the address to others, attract more potential users.

when the blog posts receive more and more people of all ages, there will be new hope readers of the article, then the popularity of the blog will rapidly increase, income will be full of sound and colour. Finally, welcome to reprint this article, but reproduced please indicate this article by http:/>