The investigation report released in May this year,

[enfodesk show, Jingdong WeChat shopping city from three or four lines of users accounted for 41%]

Tencent shares as one of the important benefits of Jingdong, WeChat is located at the entrance of the first line of Jingdong WeChat shopping has been full year. Yesterday, Jingdong for the first time announced the contribution of WeChat entrance to their own.

Prior to

, although the mobile terminal orders accounted for more than all published in each quarterly earnings of Jingdong after the listing, but the specific orders from WeChat and mobile phone QQ two mobile terminal entrance is always in a state secret.

with the help of WeChat platform, trying new marketing in the context of mobile social networking is clearly the focus of Jingdong want to emphasize.

May 27th, the Jingdong’s message is that in the past year, Jingdong and Jingdong WeChat shopping marketing business, brands and businesses, has launched 56 social marketing activities, attracted a total of more than 375 million people to participate and interact.


11· in 2014; 11 big promotion period, the concept of Jingdong WeChat shopping by fitting envelopes to interact with friends to win a big red, stimulate the active dissemination of users, successfully attracted 19 million 440 thousand people to participate in activities, sharing to bring traffic accounted for 93%, the average user share 7.86 users.

in addition, during the Spring Festival in 2015, Jingdong through WeChat, mobile QQ users also issued about 100 million yuan of New Year red envelopes.

and the latest news is that shopping at WeChat, "WeChat new social relationships chain shopping circle" has been officially launched based on WeChat friends can share shopping experience here, or through friends sun directly buy their favorite products.

O2O, all chips, friends interaction, grab red envelopes and other marketing activities to bring the results of the fourth quarter of 2014, Jingdong mall’s new users from WeChat and mobile QQ mobile terminal entrance of these 20%. The above data in March this year, a significant increase in the number of newly registered users of WeChat and QQ mobile phone platform for the month of the year to introduce Jingdong accounted for more than half of the entire platform Jingdong.

Jingdong reported that in the first quarter of 2015, Jingdong completed orders of 227 million 200 thousand, compared with the same period last year soared by 76% to 129 million 300 thousand. Among them, the number of orders completed through the mobile terminal accounted for about 42% of the total amount of orders completed, compared with the proportion of the last quarter of 36%, then rose by more than 6 percentage points, while an increase of up to 329%.

vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong group general manager of business department of micro Xinshou Q Hou Yanping, with the help of WeChat social platform, Jingdong WeChat shopping in touch with new user groups more widely. Compared with the original user structure of Jingdong, WeChat, mobile phone QQ three or four lines and other low proportion of users is relatively high, effectively boosting the Jingdong channel sink strategy."