double 11 Ali menacing Jingdong how to deal with


double 11 is the electricity supplier industry competition node. Since it can affect Ali’s share price, will inevitably affect the share price of another giant Jingdong. Two Greek, in order to higher turnover, has exclusive businesses and a lower discount is a key link in the competition. So in previous years, there have been forced to choose one of the two businesses, as well as the fight against their opponents through trademark wars. This year, Ali menacing, Jingdong how to deal with


electricity supplier analyst to get the message, Jingdong has begun to communicate with the business of eleven double preferential policies, double during the period of free allocation with the cost of eleven. Specific policy:

Jingdong large clothing businesses can be promoted during the 11.11 months, enjoy the Jingdong distribution costs and Jingdong warehousing fee waiver. In the period from October 25, 2015 to November 15th, business shop orders, charged by the Jingdong or Jingdong Home Furnishing apparel division Distribution Department Distribution fee, insurance fee and other related fees will be exempted from


from October 1, 2015 to November 30th period, to meet the requirements of the large clothing store businesses exempt from the corresponding storage, storage, order production and other warehousing costs. In addition, the Jingdong warehouse with subsidies will cover a variety of online payment, cash on delivery, O2O and other types of orders.

clothing has always been the largest category of double eleven promotion. This policy is pointed out that in the double eleven period, to attract large businesses, especially in the field of clothing big customers.

merchants can not avoid the two election a year, if you participate in the other big promotion, you can not participate in this platform. That this year’s Jingdong free warehouse allocation policy is intended for what?

first, to provide incentives to businesses, greatly reducing the operating costs of the merchant, the merchant put the goods into the warehouse Jingdong, you can have a greater discount.

then followed, since the Jingdong to take the initiative to reduce the platform fees, as businesses, according to the usual logic, should also make this part of the cost, which means that the Jingdong’s products price should be lower than Tmall. In the eleven period, the price is extremely sensitive, a little down, the pull force on sales is still very obvious.

and, in advance stocking to Jingdong warehouse, which is equal to that in advance to join the Jingdong eleven double promotion.

so, Jingdong free warehouse allocation fee is the first defense launched.

but this is only the first step, this year, there is no surprise that the transaction volume of each platform will continue to increase, which involves another big pain point, logistics.

annual double eleven warehouse explosion, let each express giants struggling for a week, or a month is saturated operation, is unlikely to come up with what resources who supported.

but Jingdong self built logistics has greater flexibility. Data show Jingdong

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