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Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released statistics report shows that China netizens broke the 400 million mark, the Internet penetration rate rose to 31.8%; the age structure of Internet users continue to mature development, education is the change trend of low-end structure. Such a large group of Internet users, hidden unlimited business opportunities, e-commerce and other network operators national well-known slogan. More and more small and medium-sized enterprise owners realize the importance of network marketing. Network marketing has become an important means of promotion and sales channels for many small and medium enterprises.

traditional small and medium enterprises product promotion programs, often limited to newspapers, television and other two categories of media, in addition to outdoor advertising assistance. However, with the aggravation of the market competition, small and medium-sized enterprises because the main factors restricting the production cost, whether it is the price of each product, brand promotion and Follow-Up Services etc., are unable to contend with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises rely solely on traditional marketing mode can only be difficult. Network marketing with low cost, interactive, wide range, long duration, strong effect and other advantages for SMEs to provide a blue ocean.

I have participated in a number of offline marketing meetings, found that a considerable number of small and medium enterprises to carry out network marketing, often produce a feeling of being cheated. A large number of small and medium-sized enterprise owners said, had to obey certain "network marketing experts" or " enterprise network marketing service " the company’s proposal to spend a huge amount of investment to the construction of enterprise website, domain name, and Chinese for network platform, pay some fee to buy PPC etc.. Finally to the small and medium-sized enterprise has brought scanty orders, or even make ends meet. The root causes of the media believe that the reasons for this phenomenon is mainly the following three aspects.

first, because some of the network marketing service company for their own interests, to exaggerate the value and necessity of some investment, strong ability to make enterprise "Huyou" hope for eventual return, brings to the enterprise is far lower than the expected value. For example, the network name and ". China; " domain name, have value, but not the essential part; some commercial service platform fee, if you do not have someone to update and release information, equal to waste; buy PPC search marketing mode, it is the most effective way of network marketing. However, blind to buy high priced keywords, can only result in vicious spiral. Have to admit, search marketing is the use of network marketing the highest rate of small and medium-sized enterprises, is currently the most easily understood and accepted, but the search marketing is not only the PPC model, and search engine optimization (SEO). According to the company’s marketing needs and industry characteristics, select the appropriate network marketing strategies and programs, in order to make marketing investment value.


is that the enterprise website itself does not have the ideal marketing function. Enterprise website construction investment is necessary, most of the implementation of the network marketing strategy is based on the website >