With the rapid development of e-commerce, information flow, logistics and payment flow will become the obstacles of the development of

. Logistics is the most basic, but also the protection of e-commerce. Because the logistics to ensure the right time, the right place, and the right conditions, the right product to the right customer. Secondly, the information flow is the core, which mainly refers to the information flow between the enterprise and the enterprise, the enterprise and the customer, the customer and the customer. Once again, payment flow, as an important component of the three flow of e-commerce, is indispensable. The payment and settlement link is completed by the financial special network including the payment gateway, the bank and the issuing bank. Therefore, the bank can be said to be the core of any e-commerce capital flows.

payment flow, I think it is also a link between businesses and customers are very concerned about. After all, this involves the direct and indirect interests of the enterprise and the customer.

a, secure

the most important thing is the safety problem. In the recent CSDN 6 million user data leakage, at the same time, renren.com, warcry, 178.com, 7K7K games and other famous sites also transferred a large number of users leaked data, the number reached 8 million, 6 million 400 thousand, 20 million, 10 million. The user’s data is uploaded to the Internet, users crazy download. (multiple sites are really data leakage, to be confirmed… Time has become a hot topic on micro-blog. This shows that our network security is still a big problem. Our personal information online or there is a certain risk. Of course, this requires the protection of our network security technology. Especially in the electronic commerce payment flow is involved in the customer’s real information and direct benefits, of course, also directly affect the stability of e-commerce and Internet users trust in e-commerce.

1 financial risk

this is the most direct user interests. In particular, the third party payment platform. At present, due to disorderly competition situation of the third party payment, in order to seize market share, may be used for persistence of customer funds operating expenses or other investment, which brings great risks to the capital. If part of the third party payment company experienced a period of disorderly competition, can not be based on closed, transferring, bankruptcy, those retained users how to get funds preservation and refund will be a must face the problem.

2 the possibility of illegal

here mainly refers to the third party payment platform. The main purpose of the third party payment is by providing a technology platform, to protect the security of transactions, the successful completion of the transaction, the real funds on the source and destination, and the purpose of the transaction, and the authenticity of the object is not deliberately attention, easily lead to illegal crime take advantage of a weak point. Criminals are likely to make use of the anonymity, concealment and convenience of online transactions, illegal transfer of funds, money laundering, bribery, fraud and other illegal activities.