own brand concept is becoming more and more popular, into WAL-MART, Watsons is not difficult to find. When you choose to compare prices in WAL-MART, marked "Hui Yi" and "Ming Ting" brand is cheaper than other brands, they often appear in the store sale and the promotion of regional position, Watsons door will always have a special offer for Watsons products. The significance of its own brand is not only at a low price, to give customers a discount, resulting in consumption. For enterprises, the silent and powerful advertising marketing. Online, the development of its own brand for those who operate mature, and has a certain influence on the enterprise, from this perspective, the same brand also applies to the e-commerce industry.

, Taobao and other large Jingdong rely on many online platform big enterprises have invested in the late self independent website, mostly in order to cope with future platform risk, to cater to the market changing and maintaining their own customer resources. On the surface, this is indeed an actual and short-term benefits can be seen, but also because most companies do not really put energy into the site’s infrastructure and brand management. This is not only to underestimate the impact of its own website itself, but also limits their future development in the future may be more likely.

if only their own website as their own product development platform, there will be several problems need to be resolved. The first point is the cost of the problem, the cost of operating a platform and the rules of their own limitations, although better than Tmall and other platforms, but your traffic is limited, which leads to your customer resources are limited. Less investment, while less income. So what is the meaning of its own business website? Even in Tmall customers accumulated considerable resources to drainage free enterprise website can reach 10% is just laughing. In order to keep the drainage part of customers, to pay the effort and hard work that is much higher than in other large investment platform, but customers and ruthless, where cheap where, once they found its own website no more cheap can be accounted for, so they will not hesitate to open two, so that all the efforts are not all

in vain?

from another point of view, will own web site as the company’s own brand to operate, and ultimately get perhaps beyond imagination. Our product sales vested interest would not have said, will be a private website operation to a certain extent bring brand and intangible benefits is enough to make people be struck dumb.

first good publicity site for their own companies, like Watsons’s own products do not have to advertise in any other medium, rely on Watsons’s influence is enough to attract a group of loyal customers, and these in turn own products to a certain extent, and to deepen the awareness of the masses of the Watsons brand. The same to their own website to a certain extent to enhance the visibility of the enterprise itself is also very helpful, in the well-known TV hit an ad is not necessarily better than the results of its own website to good.

secondly, run an excellent own website though

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