] May 5th news billion state power network, a taxi software Uber is planning to launch a luxury business is expected to be served on the same day, Louis Weedon, Tiffany and other retail service.

Uber is planning to launch a luxury day service

It is reported that

, including the U.S. high-end department store retailer Neiman · many of the luxury brands Marcus, German luxury brand Hugo boss, is also working with Uber negotiate this service.

, however, because the Uber system requires accurate storage data to operate efficiently, retailers need to install software to monitor inventory in real time.

According to

billion state power network to understand, on the same day courier luxury is an extension of the Uber instant delivery service UberRush. UberRush was launched last year, is limited to the United States, Manhattan, New York, the purpose is to allow users to use mobile applications to get express delivery and receiving services. Uber has revealed that it has been a pilot UberRush with a number of retailers last year.

additionally, Uber has recently launched a takeaway service in the United States and Barcelona.

According to

at present, billion state power network to understand, Uber driver and express courier for the car rental and use different APP and mobile phone, the company hopes to eventually put the two into the same system.

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