giants to enter the white hot competition in the mobile Internet in Ma promote contacts at Jingdong, but it is very calm, did not seem to move for the battle, still robust in accordance with its own development path in large appliances, logistics advantages respectively and Suning, Gome, Tmall in. At the same time increase the open platform and logistics construction.

These unusual practices and reaction

let many people have to guess whether Jingdong do not attach importance to the mobile internet terminal, or no ability no funds have more investment in the mobile internet terminal, mobile Internet seems to become Jingdong trapped".

but Jingdong has been able to calm capital, these two kinds of capital is self mining system and logistics system.

the current situation is particularly fierce competition between Tencent and Alibaba, Tencent to increase the investment and development of electricity providers, the two companies’ development model and profit model convergence. Also led to the original promise of this life do not do the game, but has retired Ma shouted to do the game and the voice of a comprehensive competitive Tencent.

Jingdong’s development and the two are very far apart!

Jingdong doing the electricity supplier is from the B2C self recovery mode, large purchasing team and strong purchasing systems provide strong and stable support for the commercial organization, which makes the price of genuine advantage to establish continuous form, Ma Yunzao in 3 years ago, aware of the problem, so vigorously develop the Taobao logistics. May be subject to the business model of the storm, the results as can be imagined. But Ali’s advantage is obvious, that is the low cost of management and business development speed. This is why Jingdong losses and losses will be much higher than the main reason for Tmall.

of course, this advantage also makes the Jingdong in the mobile terminal’s performance is much better than Tmall, because the mobile terminal needs a higher frequency of commodity update, from mining system to ensure that the mobile terminal characteristics of the quantity and quality of goods meet the fragmentation of shopping, this is also the reason why the Tencent WeChat electricity supplier in the process, the main the reason to buy back the first Yi Xun access, because of easy fast and Jingdong are the same as the mining system developed, so the inventory control and guarantee the quality of user experience, naturally than pure B2B2C platform Tmall is much higher.

but if Jingdong is just such an advantage, still can not be good to build the advantage in the mobile terminal, because the open platform will still exist and the same problem as Tmall. Jingdong also has another core advantage – self logistics.

may be 5 years ago, many people laugh at the behavior of Jingdong self built logistics, so that they become heavy companies do not like the Internet to do electricity supplier, because the popular 5 years ago, the light company. But today’s development is precisely confirmed that the decision was correct Jingdong.

mining system and self built logistics so that Liu Qiangdong in the mobile terminal has a calm capital, but after all, in the development and operation of mobile Internet products, mobile portal traffic Jingdong is indeed a little backward, is

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