twenty-first Century will enter the era of e-commerce, is the inevitable social development, we have no choice but to live in the era of e-commerce. For those of us owners, electricity traders, it is necessary to understand this trend, and walk in the forefront of the trend. As we all know, the traditional e-commerce model is divided into different types of e-commerce, there are B2B, B2C, C2C and other types. Today, we will optimize the web site from this collection, peep the development trend of B2C website.

The development trend of

B2C may C2C the electronic commerce, to the fine and regional development, that is to say, the future is likely to never appear like Tmall large B2C platform, but there will be a number of local consumer oriented B2C platform in the small and medium-sized city across the country, the feature of this model is of medium size online, offline synchronization. The child is father of the man e-commerce site, let the collection optimization speak, this is a picture of certain basic information collection network.


development trend 1: latecomers can also reside in

from the picture we can see the site domain name is 1 years old for 2 months, 22 days, if this is an old domain name, it will obviously be more favored by the search engine, is conducive to the site rankings. Then, the electronic commerce already discovered, so this time to establish RMB to do the collection of B2C website is not a bit late? The answer is no, because as long as you think it is always too late, too late, too late to you now. Although this is not a old domain name, but I firmly believe that through the fourth team to the website optimization, will get good rankings and a lot of effective flow. Website ranking so, B2C’s development trend is also the case: as long as the latecomers can also be difficult to live on, Jingdong later than 1 shop, Dangdang is a good example.

development trend 2: build a more stable and safer space

everyone turned to one of the domain name IP, you can find the site of the space is placed in a million online, said the network space is the most stable. The stability of a web site is just as important as the heart of a person. On the one hand, the spider on your site is certainly not good, ranking naturally good to go. Even if you spend a lot of energy, the keyword optimization up, and how? Site space is not stable, users can not visit your site, not to mention what e-commerce. I am afraid that when the user directly with you to say 88, so you can not afford a business. No matter from the point of view of the optimization of the site, or the long-term operation of the development of B2C sites are inseparable from a stable and safe space. Here to say the security, mainly want to say e-commerce platform can not be separated from the transaction, the platform is stable, secure transactions, anti hacker vulnerabilities (foreground background).

trends 3:B2C domain name suffix.Com accounted for the majority of


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