college entrance exam, Beijing University student, Google product manager is Wang Junyu’s past. No matter how others see, as long as he did the minimum fresh products of righteousness.


| Zheng Jiangbo

did not want to leave Google so much, the opportunity to move the Internet only once, turn back to say things." Wang Junyu a look wordless, honest, never mind the lack of. Three he had walked, but he felt not experienced the entrance of life will regret, then walked up and took part in the college entrance examination, even inadvertently in Guangdong province college entrance exam. For example, for the majority of college graduates choose to stay in Beijing, Beijing Hukou are welcome, some even sign similar to the "contract" of the general contract. In this regard, Wang Junyu also chose to give up, if you continue to stay in Google, he can get Beijing account.

"I can’t do that, it doesn’t work for me at all, even if it’s ten years later when my kids go to school."

2009, Wang Junyu is still Google. Although the day live peacefully decent, but he felt he could learn something less, with the mobile Internet tide comes, he became restless. Mobile Internet opportunity only once." That’s what Li Kaifu’s old boss, Wang Junyu, said to him.

the end of that year, the Taiwan writer Long Yingtai wrote a best-selling book "river sea 1949", described in the book after the end of the civil war. For a few minutes and failed to climb up the ship to Taiwan. The story touched Wang Junyu. Soon after, in April 2010, Wang Junyu left Google, officially entered the Innovation workshop pea pod project. This is the most important in the life of the general choice, Wang Junyu is quite easy to do, he said it was just a small choice".

if a person already has a certain quality, willing to accept the challenge, then even five or six years ago, he missed the Facebook Offer, there will be LinkedIn Offer waiting for him." In the words of Wang Junyu, he just played it in politics, "the initiative". If the plan is divided into short, medium and long term, in the middle of this ring is always a blind area. For example, if asked what kind of pea pods in five years, he can give the answer; if asked what should be done within two years, he can not tell. I do not want to go in the middle of a particular planning carefully, no use, the variable is too large." Wang Junyu said.

Two years ago,

of Peking University Yuanpei is not required to select the professional class, let students find their own interests, when many students early planning direction, and work for it, Wang Junyu took several "trouble" nature of the course, do some now play ticket "nature of things, finally do not go down this road. As he once said

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