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1 minutes, 6 minutes, 1 billion! 1 hours! 24 hours, 35 billion 19 million, 6 billion 700 million…… This "double eleven" Tmall once again make the limelight, please try the game, described as fame and fortune. However, behind the transaction data is rising, all kinds of complaints and worries can be heard without end. said 180 million packages, the first day of treatment reached about 60000000, double eleven to express the most severe test; tonight is called "double eleven" on the same day to report the amount of complaints, an increase of more than 50%; according to the Xinmin Evening News reported that businesses after the first price discount, "double eleven" price gouging…… In the face of more and more problems, electricity providers can Carnival long?

rush to pay and logistics pressure so that consumers how Carnival

side is the electricity supplier orders, trading volume continues to rise, while the front of the computer screen is nervous buying, crowded payment, and then into the long wait. The annual "double eleven", there are a large number of users Tucao, managed to grab something, but not a smooth payment; their shopping cart, a few minutes by others; such as half a month did not wait to express.

In addition, the "

eleven" is also facing severe logistics pressure. According to the State Post Bureau monitoring, Tmall, Taobao, and other major Jingdong produced a total of 11 net orders all day long express logistics is about 180 million, the courier companies all day long handled about 60000000 pieces of mail, last year’s "double 11" peak of 1.7 times 35 million pieces. When these hundreds of thousands of express delivery into the courier system in a short time, the latter can withstand the pressure can be imagined. Insiders said that these parcels can be processed in 20 days to complete, to fully digest these parcels will have to wait until December. Buy something for a long time not to receive, so that the consumer experience of the consumer experience why


double eleven shopping Carnival electricity supplier, described as fame and fortune, and consumers as participants, will be subject to many problems after gradually coming out of trouble. If these problems are not timely and effective treatment, shopping Carnival may be difficult to endure.

cheap temptation and price scam behind the commercial game

behind the "double eleven" 35 billion, is from the 50 percent off to the 80 percent off Cap mad to buy cheap temptation which many sellers do not make money with sorrow. Taobao seller Duan Zhaosen calculations: at his shop every single transaction price is about 100 yuan, due to strict accordance with Tmall marketing rules and other reasons, the double eleven day per transaction price come down to a single 70 yuan, and the commodity itself and the cost of transportation, warehousing, customer service personnel costs, not to mention money. Can not lose the good. While some businesses are carefully designed "price fraud", as early as mid October quietly prices, there are also businesses in order to prevent the historical price, first original goods shelves, again with new form of goods shelves, but the price is a lot higher than in the past.


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