in Taobao internet purchase, but suffered phishing sites. Recently, the Shanghai intermediate people’s court in the trial of 2 consumer online shopping account funds theft case, found that safeguards Taobao online shopping security is not perfect, there are security risks. To this end, the Shanghai intermediate people’s Court issued a judicial proposal to Taobao more than 2000 words.

fake sellers easily steal buyers account

day, Mary home as usual online shopping. When ordering, Mary is the seller Lin told the payment was not successful, click on a link which provides the 390 thousand yuan in bank accounts immediately stolen. The judge noted that Lin easily obtained the victim’s personal information and Taobao transaction records, posing as the owner of Taobao, lured the victim to click on the fake phishing links.

and Mary experienced similar small Qin prepared on Taobao to buy 2 brand Hermes bag, the total price of 198 thousand yuan. "The seller" Luo lured small Qin purchase package to the Alipay platform, and through phishing sites to steal a small Qin Taobao, Alipay account and password, the Alipay platform will be paid directly into Luo et al control bank card.

lax identity and credit rating of the operator

in Mary’s case, if the online transaction information can be kept strictly confidential, criminals will not be able to proceed. The hospital issued a judicial proposal pointed out that Taobao save a lot of consumers’ personal identity information and transaction information, should improve information security levels, establish and improve the information disclosure of early warning mechanism, to strengthen information management, especially the safety education of Taobao customer service.

Luomou phishing sites in a criminal case, he used another identity card registration Taobao shop, false information released purchasing brand Hermes handbags. The judge believes that the identity of the operator and credit information audit lax, resulting in the success of the use of a false Luo shop carried out criminal activities. Judicial suggestion that Taobao should standardize and improve the online admission examination and daily supervision mechanism, carefully examine the relevant identity information and credit status, if necessary, an appropriate increase in the margin threshold; monitoring should focus on checking access for goods, especially for the sale of branded goods, at least should require businesses to issue the relevant brand authorization documents or purchase vouchers etc..

recommends Taobao expand commercial insurance coverage

at present, a lot of Taobao shop registration did not pay the deposit in advance, or pay the deposit amount is very low. Once the consumer disputes with the shop, Taobao is difficult to provide full margin to compensate for the loss. If the shop using false registration information, or operators afterwards absconded, consumers are more difficult to claim. In addition, although part of the Alipay trading business insurance mechanism has been introduced, but not enough to cover all insurance coverage of funds caused by phishing sites of payment risk.

Shanghai intermediate people’s court suggested that Taobao can remind consumers to pay attention to phishing sites in the payment page, urging consumers to install before payment >

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