This is Ma Ma

. To be exact, the Ma Yun is a little Ma Yun from Tsinghua University".

little Ma has three entrepreneurial experience, entrepreneurial context simply summarized as: first to help college friends, and then help young people in the community to make friends, find the object; finally, to help them build a platform to share parenting experience.

in 2007, he bid farewell to NetEase executives, the mother has not yet set up a big man, said his mother, a mother and child vertical community website. His idea is to share the community bonding mothers, and then use the electronic commerce to the user to develop two times, to explore suitable for their own profit channels.

[core tip]

mother said the core around 3 S:say, share, shop, the first two refers to the storage, sharing, has been achieved, now do shopping, based on community derived e-commerce.

from storage to share the mother infant vertical community

mother industry website is mainly divided into four categories, maternal portal, such as Sina W EB1.0 parent; the traditional maternal website, such as the cradle of electronic commerce network; mother Jane catalog sales, such as the red child, you; there are new W EB2.0 community. My mother said, is the last one, different from the sales of other products or the main knowledge website, it even deliberately avoid these two paths, take a rebound pipa, proceed from the vertical community, main mothers Share Demand — in his opinion, the core of WE B 2 is for the user understanding the needs of.

, however, in 2007 the mother said that is not the case. At that time, the site’s largest single function, to provide parents with a platform to store and share baby photos.

this is not related to the background of Ma Yun’s mother said.

2006, Ma Yun met in the United States two Tsinghua alumni, alumni in the United States have a baby in the two. Chat, the couple’s biggest regret is that the baby’s grandparents are in the country, the child’s growth process photos can not see. Although the camera can be resolved, but each photo is very large, had to do a simple web site, put the baby photo on top for domestic and foreign friends to see. "If there is a dedicated website for overseas Chinese to the photos to the domestic relatives look good." Two people feeling let Ma inspiration, why don’t you do this website?

first, the idea of Ma Yun is the mother of the website for overseas Chinese to make a record of the growth of the baby, after returning home found around a lot of parents also have this demand, so the one from the English name "mother share" translated "mother said" was born.

actual operation, photo storage and sharing model exposed the problem gradually revealed.

children 0-1 years old parents are keen to share photos and experience of the period, a lot of time a fresh feeling, not on the site. Rely on to keep the user stickiness, become our

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