Wanda is business giants, Baidu and Tencent is also the pioneer of the Internet industry, the three giants combination will give the domestic electricity supplier market impact and Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong? Etc. the current electricity supplier leader can withstand the strong impact of all sorts of questions? The answers are very exciting. After all, for the market economy, competition can directly reflect the market actively, also give consumers the most direct benefits.

Wanda, Baidu, Tencent

from the official statements, they have to do business with the current electricity supplier is slightly different, as well as the establishment of a "o2o" business platform, including consumer content line, cable on the flow and technology, and the establishment of offline and online development of consumers according to market data, business development and product line system line.

this is a very new concept, is also in line with the trend of the development of the Internet, online and offline with the development of electronic commerce should first have a strong line strength, the actual field distribution across the country have a certain size, at this point, Wanda apparently has such kind of strength.

and in terms of the site, the site’s traffic and user data requires a huge amount, so as to provide a stable customer flow of solid consumer. Baidu and Tencent is the leader in the domestic Internet industry, online technology is not a problem for them.


, the three combination may bring huge impact to the current electricity market, but the electricity supplier in the field of competition is very intense, coupled with the traditional concept of the people is not willing to change, conservative, want to snatch the market from Taobao, Tmall has been deeply user, Jingdong and other mature business hands is very difficult.


is Wanda Commercial giants, but the Internet is limited, especially in the field of electricity providers, new electricity supplier in the field of technology, concept, network architecture and so still have to rely on Baidu and Tencent both start from the Internet business, Wanda is more rely on the ability of funds, and other aspects of the line entity the.

Baidu is known as its search engine and other related Baidu encyclopedia, library, map, in the concept of people, Baidu more knowledge of a website, convenient for people to search the Internet resources, and Baidu in the field of electronic business is not satisfactory.

Tencent can be said in the domestic Internet users in mind is synonymous with copycat, games, all kinds of products and services are difficult to get rid of the plagiarism shadow, although Tencent game useful a large number of users, the Tencent QQ, WeChat is also very successful product, but these users and success did not involve the electricity supplier in the field. Therefore, the combination of these three giants seemingly unlimited prospects, in fact, bumpy road.

e-commerce can have a large number of users and rapid development, proud of its low price and convenient shopping experience, rich product names etc..

people get used to

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