China’s continuous development of the Internet, to promote the leap of the domestic e-commerce, online shopping has become a fashion, but online shopping can give users in addition to good goods is the quality of service. At present, the mainstream of domestic online shopping platform, Taobao, pat, Jingdong store user experience has begun to walk this line, due to the popularity of the Internet, and with online shopping boom, a large number of online shopping platforms have emerged, we are selling the same products, how to rise to stimulate sales amount, increase the user’s the viscosity, its brand influence is one aspect, the son that online shopping should emphasize the user experience. Let the son see the beauty of library network of the domestic online shopping platform to user experience as the center, the long route user oriented.


warm care

has been in the early autumn, the cold weather, the climate is dry, the skin began to drain water, in a prominent position in the website space picture reminder user, has entered the cool dry autumn, the skin begins to need special protection. Through subtle warm tips, allowing users to feel the dry autumn there is a trace of moisture, so as to seize the user’s next fall in the purchase of the purchase of cosmetics.


product recommendation

For many

brands products shopping platform, website recommendation is particularly important, in the absence of the user to choose is the ability to take the initiative to help users to distinguish platform to judge, that the need to purchase products, special, new, featured more is to seize the user’s shopping psychology, to the low price to buy goods of high quality. The beauty of love fashion boutique new pursuit of psychological satisfaction.


interaction increases viscosity

Communicate with the user to provide a way of communicating with each other in the

platform, allowing users to give advice to the masters, and share the use of the product user experience, further to stop the new user made the upholstery, increase user adhesion in the platform.


convenient and accurate

The catalog

platform in the setting of reflected in a relatively large platform is particularly prominent, which makes users more accurate and more convenient to choose their own products, eliminating the need for a user to click multiple off, make the classification of goods at a glance, let users more willing to stay, additional consumer demand.


learn to share

shopping experience, product use, consumers are more accustomed to accept the views of the third party, the platform should encourage more users to share, give users a paradise for communication and learning, in consumer behavior >

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