day before the meal enterprise ordering platform ( officially announced a strategic cooperation with the depth of public comment, also announced the completion of the C round of 140 million yuan financing.

is a good ordering platform, users through web or mobile client orders, waiting for delivery business. In recent years the meal in the media is very low-key, this was born in 2011 so far is still Rong startup failure, survival or death? This time together behind public comment and what concern? In the meal billion state power network and communication, has been to 7 unanswered questions answer.


and other meal ordering platform

what is the difference?

at present, there are not only ordering Market Internet heavyweights such as Baidu takeaway, Amoy little, but also entrepreneurial companies such as hungry, zero line. Compared with other meal ordering platform, a main feature of target customers for enterprise employees, which is priority to consider what kind of services in the enterprise environment, integrated service platform to build enterprise consumer market.

it is understood that the meal was founded in August 2011, early personal ordering business, hit seven yuan lunch". 2012 A round of investment in the United States KPCB millions of dollars after meal orders grew rapidly, and began to turn to the enterprise market. Now, the meal business covers includes staff meals and League building, ordering down to breakfast lunch and dinner, afternoon tea and overtime meal etc..

talking about the reasons to enterprise market, CEO Zhao Xiao meal pointed out that the key ordering platform is to create profit value added significantly to the merchant, because it’s easy to establish contact with restaurants, this website will lose the indispensable, subsidy is not sustainable.

light mode or heavy mode?

according to whether the self built logistics team to help businesses room, the online ordering site can be divided into platform type light mode and distribution mode of Heavy Platform + two. The method of independent businesses now use the meal delivery, businesses can like self logistics like McDonald’s, can also follow a product of Jiahe in cooperation with third parties.

"starting point is not light and heavy, we consider the value of the customer." Good CEO Zhao Xiao told billion state power network.

he stressed that the self built logistics team will save cost, but in food quality and delivery time will reduce the user experience, so although it may do some of the logistics management in future, but within a certain period of time will adhere to experience first.

financing planning toward


according to sources of financing after the meal, the plan includes city expansion, industry expansion and category expansion in three aspects.

first, the meal business mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Chengdu 5 city, the next stop will be Hangzhou, is expected to expand to 25-3>

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