The United States hopes to reverse the results of

electricity supplier integration reuse "legitimate" online shopping mall

yesterday, reporters from approaching the United States news department learned that Wong Kwong Yu on business platform especially the "legitimate" business platform Gome online mall high hopes, "clearly the important status of Gome online mall". But in stark contrast with Gome online mall, Gome acquisition business platform – Kuba shopping network may sell the United States, the current implementation of the electricity supplier or the dual brand strategy will be abandoned. Vice President Peng Liang Kubba responded newspaper said, "he does not have any information on this".

news recently, the media said the news, Wong Kwong Yu recently received a court commuted 10 months ruling. The lawyer said, 14 years in prison if in accordance with the maximum penalty, Wong Kwong Yu just sat for 7 years, maybe 3 years later, Wong Kwong Yu will be delivered from oppression.


Wong Kwong Yu, in a rapidly changing home appliance market, can not miss any opportunity of integration and development, "the fierce competition in the home appliance market, we will give the opponent the United States has left a lot of opportunities", unnamed industry observers believe. Judging from the recent signs, Huang home this year has significantly increased the intensity of the integration of electronic business platform.

had to raise a Babel of criticism of electricity price war, there was news that Wong Kwong Yu inspired directly involved in the United states. In the electricity supplier price war, the United States face challenge response to the Jingdong, with Gome (micro-blog) in the expanding period of tough style and Wong Kwong Yu’s business ideas, the United States is by Chen Xiao administration during the "moderate" to the Wong Kwong Yu era of the "tough" regression, Gome insiders said Wong Kwong Yu clearly indicated Gome online mall to the online retail market pattern thorough reshuffle.

is the exclusive insider yesterday told this reporter, Wong Kwong Yu on the "legitimate" business platform Gome online mall high hopes, "clearly the important status of Gome online mall". Perhaps in the eyes of Wong Kwong Yu, only the United States and the United States online shopping mall is pure pedigree of the United States electricity supplier platform, even in the internal instructions on the electricity supplier development strategy, the Yellow boss only mention the United States online shopping mall".

Gome President

Wang Junzhou had also pointed out that, as with Gome Gome online mall brand online only retailer, Gome is force electricity providers of the bridgehead, extremely important strategic significance. According to Gome online mall public relations director Yu Liangchuan, Gome online mall has been among the first tier supplier camp, is daily UV (unique visitors) over two million, have reached ten billion yuan annual sales capacity of the integrated platform of B2C online.

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dual brand strategy or change

the United States in the official caliber of electronic business platform strategy has been "double brand" strategy — in addition to Gome online mall, Gome acquisition Kuba shopping network in Gome.

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