reporter Zhu Ping Beijing reported

since the beginning of August 4th, cross-border electricity really fake sparked heated debate on micro-blog, micro-blog is the first major [email protected]@ left hand and CEO Chen Ou open tear, after adding the topic of warming darling.

industry analysts pointed out that the reason why Chen Ou so sensitive, because has been "fake" and negative ridden, behind the "slobber war" is beauty electricity supplier various sitzkrieg.

fake electricity supplier sensitive nerve tingling

since the beginning of August 4th, cross-border electricity really fake sparked heated debate on micro-blog, micro-blog [email protected]@ left hand a few hair an article entitled "stay a few hands to teach you to identify online shopping trap" long micro-blog, the micro-blog, cross-border shopping goods than three, and pointed out that APP is a darling inlet the cosmetics price cheaper than the Jingdong.

then, left hand also issued an article entitled "Ou Chen and his XX, in knowing and selling fake this road in the end how far to go" long micro-blog. To this end, CEO Chen ou counterattack.

Chen Ou micro-blog Slide Show shelling left a few hands for darling APP write soft wide pull at the Jingdong and the United States. That means poor, darling and administrative micro-blog forwarding a few micro-blog is a "tear forced romance" climax.

industry analysts believe that the reason why Chen ou will be a strong counterattack, because the "fake" touched a sensitive nerve of

channels and the supply problem of beauty products is still the industry worries. Previously, the industry a "current cosmetics 80% online sales of fake cosmetics online shopping market out of the dragons and fishes jumbled together phenomenon, caused a great disturbance.

in the past two years, cosmetics electricity supplier has been deeply worried about fakes. In the case of, after the sale of cosmetics website by the media broke the fake problem in the last year, the stock plummeted, consumer confidence in the entire cosmetics electricity supplier industry also fell to the bottom.

According to the "

rebate network of cross-border electricity supplier User Research Report" shows that the permeability of cross-border electricity supplier platform, Tmall currently still in the international electricity supplier in the oldest, highest penetration rate is 25.70%, the Jingdong, the global purchase and Amazon China overseas purchase permeability were 14.70% and 11.15%, ranked second and third.

electricity supplier turnover increased year after year, but the sampling rate of electricity supplier products has not been improved. According to official statistics, the national quality inspection administration last year organized 5 types of quality supervision and inspection of the 14 types of electricity supplier product quality, sampling pass rate of only 73.9%. In this year, organized by the 11 kinds of electricity supplier product quality supervision and spot checks, sampling pass rate of less than 72%.

in order to enhance the user’s confidence in cosmetics electricity supplier, the major electricity supplier is also taking a variety of measures.

, such as Jingdong announced the joint Pacific Insurance Company jointly push

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