SEM: the search engine marketing, search engine marketing refers to the search engine platform, to adjust the page in the search results page ranking to the site visits as a means for search engine users and expand marketing activities.

search engine as the entrance of the Internet, the vast number of enterprises increasingly attention, we all want to intercept more customers at the entrance, so search engine marketing is particularly important. At the same time search engine marketing has been recognized by the majority of enterprises and attention. No matter what kind of industry is the nature of everyone in the network marketing work, hoping to search engine marketing to expand their market share, increase their company benefits.

although many companies have this awareness of network marketing, but also ready to carry out search engine marketing, but it is not the right to set up such a department in charge of this work. In this case, many companies choose to outsource marketing, the search engine marketing outsourcing to some professional network marketing company to do. Do have some disadvantages, such as: outsourcing companies cannot very good understanding of the concept of corporate culture, not very good to dig out their products or services, highlights and advantages can not be timely for enterprises to obtain first-hand information, not very good standing in the business point of view to analyze their competitors, and monitoring some jobs may not be in place, so in these factors, I hope that the enterprises should have a network marketing team of their own, to carry out search engine marketing such work.

in order to set up such a team, then the team needs what kind of skills and qualities of people then I talk about what kind of SEM talent needs of this topic. SEO A Hua believes that a qualified SEM person who is a qualified SEM should have the following:

1: first approved search engine marketing

now many enterprise people are like this, when the hiring candidates must recognize the company’s corporate philosophy and culture, and accepted the job, even if you re strong ability, you are not recognized by the system and some of the company’s corporate culture is still not the appointment. Select the search engine marketing personnel is the same, he must first be recognized by the search engine marketing, so even if he is the current capacity, in the days after he again on the recognition of the work effort may be a good SEMer

two: learn, love to learn

search engine marketing oriented search engine and Internet users. The two objects were not always the same, they are in with the development of the Internet is changing, so we must learn to learn, continue to learn new knowledge, only the love of learning will be learning in order to ensure their own path in front of search engine marketing, in order to ensure their own time walking in the front-end technology of search engine marketing.

three: to have good psychological quality


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